Controlling Sexual Energy – The first technique: External Blocking

As we talked in previous articles, controlling sexual energy is essential for human life. Man’s power, his effectiveness, his health, his vital resources, physical, mental and spiritual, capacity of mobilization and action are closely related to sexual energy. We will begin to present some Taoist techniques that will help you control the sexual energy before […]

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Tantra massage – the connection between the giver and the receiver

There is a very strong connection between the one who offers the massage and the one who receive it. This connection is based, mostly, on affinity and very clear understanding of the purpose of the massage and the expectations of both the participants. The masseur role in reaching a perfect tantra massage, is to orchestrate […]

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Multiple orgasms versus normal orgasm

tao massage girls

In today’s language knowledge means development of experimental consciousness. This consciousness is not available to every living creature, only to man. We are human beings and that is a strong foundation of achieving higher level of consciousness. What make us different from other living creatures from the vegetable and the animal kingdom is developing consciousness, […]

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Sexual Desire, Pleasure and Sensations


Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies of the human being, which is a huge resource that man has at his disposal. But accessing it requires control over it. This process is quite complex and will involve control of the senses, the mind and practice. But as we talked in previous articles, the […]

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Sexual continence – How we do it?

It is said that one gram of practice is worth tons of theory. Tantra is no an exception of this rule. Although in Western World, Tantra is understood as only intercourse, Oriental tradition explains in details what it means and how complex it is. Tantric methods are structured so that their practice definitely bring desired […]

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