Why we might be your best choice

We know you are looking for a good time, so you wanna make a good decision when picking your massage salon. Here’s a few of the reasons why we may be that choice.



We are the first established erotic massage salon in Bucharest, with over 19 years of experience and still counting. Throughout our activity, our clients have always been pleased and satisfied with their experience in our salon. Obviously many of them stating it had been a rather unique one and wanting to come back for more.


Premium services

Our entire personnel is properly trained; coming here you can be sure that your entire body will benefit from the professional massage our girls are happy to offer. Each of our masseuses knows a number of techniques and maneuvers for the different types of massage they perform. Moreover, they are just as skillful in the erotic art of body massage, the sensual experience they offer being complex and fulfilling. Let the body-to-body sensation fill your being with blissful pleasure…


Our techniques

We use various massage techniques, from the classical relaxation massage, to special tao and tantric maneuvers which imply activating and harmonizing the meridians of your body. These have several global effects on your physical, emotional and erotic well-being. Stress releaf, relaxation of your muscles, enhancement of your sexual performance. Also  you will feel happy and content, regenerated, more self-confident. The various systems of your body will function more harmoniously due to the hormones released in the experience of relaxation and pleasure.


Our girls

Besides being beautiful massage professionals, we select and train our girls so that they have an elevated artistic approach on what they do. Each massage is a unique experience because each girl tries to empathize with the costumer and offer what is best suited at the moment. They are here to offer you pleasure, joy, affection, beauty, all the very best of their blossoming femininity. Just surrender to their mysterious gaze and seductive smile and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by their refined sensuality they are ready to enchant your senses with.


More than you expect

Your experience at Tao will be reached than one could expect. We do not sell fleeting moments of pleasure for a price, we aim to offer a complete satisfaction of your being, so that when leaving our salon you feel fully content and regenerated. The special combination our girls offer, of femininity, sensuality, affection, beauty and even knowledge, will turn the massage into a complex and enriching memory. They can teach you different techniques for sexual performance enhancement, relaxation, penis growth, meditation and others.


More than she expects

Both, the massage effects and the tips our girls are willing to give you, will have “consequences” your loved one will notice. Surely, she won’t mind your more and more overly satisfying performances, your deeper understanding of both her body and her emotions. Not that you needed that, but there’s always more that a woman can reveal about the feminine mystery. The only danger here is that your loved one might be getting suspicious about the source of your delightful changes…


By the way, bring her along!

So worry not! Just prepare her for an amazing surprise and bring her with you. Our girls have everything prepared for the two of you so that you can enjoy together the relaxation, the peace and the pleasure of having a harmonizing couple massage. You will be amazed at the increase of intimacy, arousal and connection you will experience in your relationship! This may just be the most unexpected and delightful way of surprising her! It is a wonderful combination of sensual and romantic – the perfect mix to spice up and deepen your love.


Call us? Visit us? Trust us? Love us?

You don’t have to believe us, just drop by and see for yourself! Our wonderful girls are all ready and willing to offer you their very best. It would be a pity to miss out on that…


Feel free to call us on the phone! Have now an appointment by dialing +4 0742 371 651