A journey from From myth to reality – Tantra erotic massages

Tantra spiritual path

Tantra is based on two fundamental concepts:

  • Shiva, masculine conscience
  • Shakti, feminine energy.

Ultimately, all spiritual paths lead to the point of transcending this duality by balancing its two aspects. Although spiritual language is always symbolic, this doesn’t mean that it’s all just fascinating mythology and philosophy. It is all perfectly practical, once you get to know the technical side.


A simple and obvious example of this dual reality expressed at the level of the body is the functional difference between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is known that there are various techniques and ways that each hemisphere can be activated and that this activation has tremendous enhancing effects on performance in various fields.

This is just one example though, making a simple, but universal point: despite the fact that we are unique, we are all structurally the same. I must tell you that we all have within the same two fundamental energies that the entire Universe is made of. The extent to which we manifest them varies. These varies  as well as the way we choose to do so. But one thing stays the same for all of us: in order to fully access and manifest our potential, we need to awaken and balance these two energies. This is the only key to self-knowledge, freedom, happiness and fulfilment.

One simple strategy

Although the goal is unique, the ways to achieve it are countless. One can choose to attempt this in a couple relationship, polarising one’s own energies with the partner’s, treading together on the path to self-knowledge and self-development, supporting each other with love and devotion. But it is equally feasible on one’s own, through self-awareness and self-control. These are the two main aims of Tantrism and Taoism.
Erotic Tantra or Tao massage is one of the many ways to gradually reach an androgynous state of consciousness. The principle of authentic erotic massage is to awaken and amplify the erotic experience with a conscious approach. For me both consciousness and energy are involved and developped.

Actual effects of tantra

For this purpose, erotic massage is approached as a spiritual evolution technique. Spiritual evolution is the process of elevating and broadening our consciousness, while dynamizing our energies. From a psychometric perspective, this means continuous improvement of focus, attention, memory, perceived self-efficacy, self-awareness, self-control, self-confidence, will-power, quality of life, happiness, empathy, perseverance, to name but a few. This obviously implies that the levels of anxiety, neuroticism, depression, stress, insecurity, confusion and so on will drop. All this results in general well-being, goal-achieving capacity and success.

Meet the Myth here in Bucharest!

Our masseuses here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest can give you more information on the androgynous state of consciousness, as well as guide you through the steps of enhancing awareness, centering in the present moment and amplifying energy in your erotic experience during massage. Moreover, they can offer your various breathing and meditation techniques.

Our girls can give you as well as physical exercises so that you can continue your practice at home until your next massage session.


You’ll see that daily individual practice will enable you to experience every session on a whole other level. With practice and perseverance effects are quick and life-changing.

I am sure you will be more than pleased and satisfied after our delightful meeting! Come see us!