World lingam massage


Get ready for an out of this world lingam massage A spiritual tool literally at your hands In the tantric texts, the male sexual organ is defined as Lingam, loosely translated as The Wand of Light. As light represents the supreme symbol of spirituality, a wand of light would meet a concentration of this ultimate […]

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Tantra massage and yoga means yoga massage

What yoga actually is about Yoga is an amazingly vast system of practices including physical exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, body-cleansing techniques and many others. Yoga is not a religion, but a spiritual path. That is to say, it does not proclaim any god or deity – it is simply a complete system of methods meant […]

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Tantra massage in the daily life


The basics of Tantra Tantra is a practical system aimed at self-discovery and development. One of the techniques one can approach within this complex system is massage. Therefore, Tantra massage is not about pleasure, but about using pleasure as a means for evolution. This is precisely why the methods involved in this type of massage […]

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Tantra massage in leadership and success


What does Tantra massage have to do with leadership? Tantra is a path for self-development that can lead to the acquisition of leadership qualities and build our self-confidence, focus and will power in order to achieve success. Tantra massage is a complex technique that strengthens our awareness and self-control needed to shape our life according […]

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Doing a testicle massage


Advanced key to legendary manliness? – part II How to make a testicle massage An excellent testicle massage must follow the next 3 steps. First step The first step in testicle massage is meant to thoroughly relax the area and stimulate blood circulation. In order to do so, place a warm towel on your genitals or have […]

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The key to legendary manliness-testicle massage


The key to legendary manliness? Issues and improvement possibilities such as testicle massage The solution to problems such as infertility, low sex drive, low testosterone levels, atrophied testicles, and urinary dysfunctions lies quite literally in your hands. We recommend testicle massage in many situations, such as  if you have none of these problems and just wish for harder […]

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The real benefits of the prenatal tantric massage


The real benefits of the prenatal tantric massage Healthy mom, healthy baby In the last years, medical research and investigation had proven lot of benefits of the therapeutic massage in improving overall prenatal health for pregnant women. The number of the studies is relatively small but one study at the University of Miami School of Medicine […]

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Sensual Tantra massage techniques

Sensual Tantra massage techniques Tantra massage is not just another name for erotic massage to make it sound fancier. Tantric massage implies specific techniques that provide the whole variety of beneficial effects we’ve already written so much about. These special techniques are also varied and they don’t only refer to the massage itself. Because Tantric […]

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What it takes to be an authentic Tantric masseuse

What it takes to be an authentic Tantric masseuse? Tantric massage isn’t just erotic massage. Generally people don’t know this, and so they don’t know what a Tantric masseuse is and does. One can’t appreciate a service unless they know what it is and what doing it implies. This is why we found it fit […]

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When massage and good sleep go hand in hand

When massage and good sleep go hand in hand  Feeling insomniac? If you are not satisfied with your sleep and usually experience fatigue, low energy level and difficulty in concentrating, you may be wondering if you suffer from insomnia. Although it might sound simple, insomnia can be quite a complicated issue, as it affects negatively […]

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