Old and new trends about tantra massage

Tantra massage is considered as one of the most important 64 arts among others like:

  • singing
  • dancing
  • cooking
  • and many others in tantra tradition.

It is considered as having a deep impact on human relationships. I recommend tantra massage in order to  conect, in a very harmonius way, sexuality and love at a very high level of understanding.


Tantra massage and secret rituals

Thousand of years ago, and very restricted even now, tantra massage was used in secret rituals by beautiful young girls. These girls were considered as priestesses who were meant to initiate young men with high destinies. Those men had big responsibilities to lead thousand of people.

Rituals steps

This initiation was one of the most important in a man life and it was based on very specific steps:
First of all , the young man about to be initiated was forced not to lose the sexual energy in any way. This means not to ejaculate, a definite period of time. In this way, the apprentice was put to feel his sexual energy inside his body, to become aware of this power, this treasure, the energy of life, inside his body.
Second, they were teached that sexual energy and the power to control it is equal to control your life, your destiny and as long as he can do that with himself he can do it for others, too.
Third, they were trained to get physical contact with beautiful girls. This was done step by step through massage, touching certain secret points of their body that will awake the sexual energy. This awakening was slowly and distributing it to all the secret energy centers of the human body called chakras.

Finals stepts of tantra massage rituals

Then, the young men, was initiated to become aware that human body is connected and integrated in a beautiful harmony with entire universe. Also the young men has always to take the right decision according to the laws of the universe, not to put the selfish ego desires on first place.
Probably all the practical training were followed by tantra techniques that would make young men reaching the level of making love with the control of the sexual energy. The young men will feel the difference between ejaculation, discharge and orgasm.

What about nowadays tantra massage ?

Nowadays, the real tantra massage kept the tradition and adapted for today people men and women, using the same basic principle: transforming the sexual energy instead of losing it, for higher purposes than procreation.

Being aware of our energy map of the body, will make us understand how it works.
Our purpose as human beings is to reach to a destination, we need energy, full capacity.

Therefore if we loose it on the way, either our vehicle(our body) gets broken, unable to make more efforts and weaker and weaker, we will not finish the race.

Instead, if we preserve the sexual energy and transform it inside our body, streghten it, we will get the power needed for reaching our goals, not only social ones but spiritual ones, as our purpose is not only material in this world.

Enjoy tantra massage boys!