Frequently asked questions regarding Tao erotic massage Bucharest prices and salon policies

  1. Can I pay by card?
    You can pay only by cash in any currency: Lei (Romanian currency), Euro, Dollars, Pounds.
  2. Is the tip necessary?
    No, it is not. If you don’t have the exact sum of money that corresponds to the price of the massage session you will most certainly receive the change back. However, if you feel the need to express more gratitude, you are welcome to tip the masseuse, as the extra money is considered her own to keep.
  3. Can I touch the girls ?
    No, you can not. Please bear in mind that you, as a very special guest, come here to receive the massage in a passive and completely relaxed state, for your enjoyment! This way, you give us the chance to do our best in order to bring you fulfillment and thus, reach our mission.
  4. Do you provide sexual services in addition to the erotic massage for extra money?
    No, we do not provide any such services for additional money. We kindly ask you to refrain from such intents.
  5. Do you offer escort or prostitute services?
    No, we do not.
  6. Do you have outcall services?
    Yes, we offer outcalls. The only requirement is that you call ahead in order to check our availability. Please refrain from soliciting sexual services when engaging in an outcall.
  7. Can I choose the masseuse?
    Yes, you can choose from all of the girls available on the shift. Most of our models do not have photos on our website because they prefer not to be seen online, since they have other daily jobs too.
  8. Are the girls beautiful, young?
    Yes, they are very beautiful, since every man’s taste is different. We have very special girls, professional masseuses that have studied the authentic Tantra tradition. They are intelligent, fluent English speakers and, also, the average age is between 23-30 years old.
  9. What is the average taxi fee that I am supposed to pay from the airport to your place?
    The average taxi fee from the airport to our place (which is located near the RADISSON BLU HOTEL) in Calea Victoriei 85, is 70-80 Lei (14-16 Euro) in regular price (1,89 Lei per km). From inside Bucharest an average taxi fee is about 25-30 Lei (6-8 Euro) estimated for 1.89 Lei/km.
    NOTE OF ADVICE: We encourage you not to mention to a taxi driver that you are going to a massage room as we have dealt with several situations in the past, in which the taxi driver would try to obtain a commission either by guiding the person to a different massage room, or by trying to get the commission from us, even though he had nothing to do with finding that certain client for us. If you find yourself in a similar situation or in order to avoid one, we recommend that you ask to be dropped at the RADISSON Blue Hotel, from where we can guide you to our location by phone-call.

Bucharest erotic massage prices – please CALL


For regular prices on our special services you can look at the above list but keep in mind a phone is better. If you have an emergency or you look for prices on another location it’s a must to call us before:

  • Topless, one masseuse, duration 60 min
  • Topless, 2 masseuses, duration 60 min
  • One masseuse Nude, duration 60 min
  • 2 masseuses Nude, duration 60 min

Details available for women erotic massage also.

Woman erotic massage

Most accurate prices for erotic massage are available only by phone and we recommend to call us before. We may increase or decrease these prices but, depending on our schedule, the right price for an excellent erotic massage is around these values shown above.

Please be kind and understand that after midnight there will be an additional fee of 10Euro/50lei (after 24:00 PM). Thank you for understanding!

Please try to call +40 742 371 651 before visiting us because we might be on other appointments too.



Our policy

  1. Please keep in mind that we do not tolerate rude behavior and a disrespectful attitude towards our employees.
  2. We aren’t for smoking or drinking alcohol inside the premises; however, we do provide water or tea as a courtesy.
  3. We kindly ask you to be aware of any marks you may have on your skin and to make sure that you are not susceptible to any skin conditions. This will allow us to avoid any embarrassing situations or put you in harm’s way.
  4. We kindly ask you to shower thoroughly before the massage.

Thank you for understanding!