Multiorgasm for women, what about men?

We all know that women’s capacity to have multiple orgasms is regarded by many as being one of the women’s natural priviledges. This priviledge one that men can never dream of. However, Tantra has for thousands of years been turning these wild dreams to reality for those who practice it.

Why only women?

Tantra is a spiritual path, meaning that it is a system of techniques and practices aimed at self-discovery and self-development. It is based on self-control and using every aspect of life as a means for evolution. Being a branch of the millenary Yogic tradition, Tantra uses:

  • meditation
  • breathing exercices
  • body postures to amplify focus
  • self-control
  • the ability to be fully in the present moment
  • discernment
  • self-awareness
  • and also the capacity to master all-available energy in a goal-oriented manner.

The most intense energy we posses is the libido, the sex-drive. Far from regarding it as impure, Tantra uses it as a means to achieve our goals and reach perfect balance. This is why experiencing multiple orgasms becomes not only pleasurable and possible, but also necessary. Because orgasm is the most intense state we know, meaning that it is our most powerful energy. I always say  more we can access it and the better we can control it. Thus the more effective we are in our goal-achievement.


Neurologically, the cortical centres for orgasm and ejaculation are distinct, the first one to be triggered being the one for orgasm. As men already know, there is a point of no-return which, once passed, inevitably leads to ejaculation. However, what most don’t know, is that if stimulation is paused just before the point of no-return, the orgasm will be experienced without ejaculation. After the orgasm, stimulation can be resumed and only paused again before hitting the second point of no-return, in order to experience the second continent orgasm, and so on.

First step

Body-temperature transmutation, or transmutation at body temperature is a natural process that occurs in the body. in my opinion this occurs especially during the continent orgasm or as a result of certain Yogic practices. You should know that  can be also in activities like dance, artistic creation or simply when experiencing positive emotions.
Due to the ultra-high intensity of the continent orgasm, the immense amount of energy the body puts into it will lead to the disintegration of small quantities of the semen.

The spermatozoa simply disintegrate, which may sound alarming but is actually highly beneficent. The process of transmutation is like a so-called mini-explosion, discharging a huge amount of energy in the body. So instead of discharging all the semen you possess at the moment and wasting an enormous energetic potential of the body (as we know semen is processed blood, so ejaculation is literally life-draining for the body), not only does the body get to keep this potential, but by transmuting a small part of it, it actually turns into a tremendous source of energy.
However, transmutation without sublimation will lead to the afore-mentioned undesirable effects. What happens is that all the energy resulted from transmutation, unless directed somewhere, to fuel a certain function of the body, will remain at the same level, overcharging your sex-drive.

Second step

Sublimation is the shift of the transmuted energy into something else. A masseuse can directed this to your abdomen to harmonise your digestion and amplify your will-power. Also to the heart to increase happiness, love, empathy, inner peace, affection, emotional healing and so on, or to your brain to enhance focus, awareness, attention, multitasking ability, self-control and others.
The power of thought over the body has already been scientifically proven in the processes of placebo and nocebo. This has been known and practiced by Tantrics for thousands of years. There are countless practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, body postures, and other types of techniques aimed at triggering and controlling the processes of transmutation and sublimation in our bodies.

Conclusions about multiorgasm

The various Tantric practices enable us to control not only our mind, but also our body. Nature has endowed man with the possibility to practice sexual continence – intercourse and orgasm without ejaculation. Not ejaculating is what makes it possible for the man to move on to the next orgasm, and then the next, just like women do.