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What is Tantra massage

Tantra is a system that includes ancient techniques and concepts regarding not only sexuality, but also the existence of the human being as a whole. Tantra is a revolutionary approach on life (for those who understand and practice it). The self-discipline or refraining required gives in exchange an intensity of experiences and a conscious ability which goes beyond the ordinary. Therefore, tantric practices teach you how to fully accept yourself, including your own sexuality, in a harmonious manner.

Nowadays, the sexual energy is either neglected, held back, inhibited or considered to be a taboo, a shameful experience or, in extreme cases, a practice leading to perversity. In the modern age, man can discover that the more attention he pays to his own erotic energy, the deeper he can comprehend it. Harnessing and controlling the sexual energy represents a new source of magic, ecstasy, health and longevity and is also a wonderful way to offer and receive love.

Tantra massage is deep relaxation

Tantra includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy. The client or the receiver of a tantra erotic massage Bucharest, is not a giver. Their duty is to receive the massage and surrender to the rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions. The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation therapeutic as people come to resolve issues related to relationship issues, self esteem issues including sexual issues.

What tantric and erotic massage techniques really are

Too much people go on thinking it has to do with sexual services and, for what a real massage means, this is not at all the truth. Everyone can have an extraordinary experience in a tantra salon for massages, for example, without having anything to do with sexual affairs.

I worked quit long in different erotic massage salons in Bucharest where the offer was for tantric massages and this is what you really got there. There were good salons where the masseuses knew very well their job and didn’t need to get to something else in order to please their guests. The cover of offering elevate massages as to practice other kind of services just wasn’t their type and I was pleased to find this out. Because massages were what I wanted to do and the reason I wanted to be a part of those salons.

However, what many recipients might not realize about sensual body massage is the fact that it is one of the best stress relievers. Sensual erotic massage should not only be relaxing, but also therapeutic. The massage ought to leave the recipient feeling relaxed. Depending on the kind of touch that the recipient desires, the masseur may massage him lightly or firmly. Each recipient has specific needs, which the masseur strives to address with his touch. The masseur is able to customize the massage depending on what the recipient desires and needs. What the recipient desires might be very different from what he needs, and the masseur knows what is best.

These types of massages, sensual ones, are very valuable and to benefit from their effects worth all the effort, without searching for some surrogates. In our search for pleasure we may very well pass near valuable things and not even notice that what we were looking for stands there, next to us. This is part of the reason we decided to come up here and share our experiences in this very type of massage.

Sensual erotic massages require the use of body lotion and oils. The erotic massage should not proceed in the absence of calming music. A professionally made massage table is also necessary. The masseur would then employ a number of different sensual massage techniques to ensure that the recipient leaves the massage table feeling relaxed and free of all the stress with which he came. The masseur is careful to work on specific muscles on the body, especially where tension loves residing. Some muscles are more prone to hosting tension, thus can grow very tense thus introducing fatigue, boredom, dullness and other similar feelings.

A professional masseur is able to do out-calls and in-calls. Therefore, if the recipient does not feel like going to the massage parlor, he can ask the masseur to come to his house and offer a sensual massage. The masseur does not discriminate on age, race, sexuality or body type. Therefore, the recipient should feel free to seek the masseur’s services. Through the techniques that the masseur uses, the recipient is able to derive great pleasure from the sensual massage without feeling pressurized to perform. Sensual massages enable couples to increase the bond between them, which is good in building a healthy, intimate and stable relationship.

Therefore, when feeling too stressed and unable to function optimally, instead of rushing to the local drug store to buy a few medicines, spend the time in the hands of a professional masseur and enjoy a bit of sensual massage. At the end of it all, the stress shall dissipate. The fatigue shall disappear and the boredom shall be no more. However, when feeling any hint of discomfort during the massage session, let the masseur know about this. When the recipient expresses his or her discomfort with the sensual massage, do not hesitate to go back to basic massage as a way of alleviating the stress.

The body erotic massage operates on the basis that the recipient is able to breathe right from his belly. While breathing, the recipient reduces the gap between breathing in and out. In fact, if the recipient is able to eliminate the gap altogether, the better the experience. The massage is able help the recipient focus on breathing in rather than out.

The front of the body and the backside all need proper massaging, if the Tao Erotic Massage Bucharest is to achieve the desired results. Expect to receive genital massage while at the parlor. The erogenous zones shall receive much attention from the masseur as well.

What Our Clients Say

Sensual and erotic, a way to escape the daily stress

Giving erotic massage Bucharest requires special skills. Before giving the partner sensual massage, try obtaining the right skills. Try to learn how to do it properly, lest the partner does not feel the benefits. This is because the sensual massage ought to focus on the erogenous zones. Yes, the body has several of these zones. Sensual massage should never make the recipient to achieve an orgasm. However, in case orgasm happens, the recipient ought to be pleased with the results. If done very well, and offered by a masseur who knows what he or she is doing, achieving orgasm would be the norm rather than the exception. So, if you ever asking about erotic massage near me, keep in mind that downtown offers a lot of choices, but Tao Erotic Massage Bucharest will always be the best.

The ambiance in our erotic massage Bucharest parlor

The erotic and tantric massages are paths to profound estates in the middle of intense pleasure. The massages induce relaxation by their techniques, but the erotic ones induce also great pleasure due to its specific maneuvers and due to many other characteristics. And this intense pleasure is something specific to this massage and naming them as paths to pleasure maybe is not even sufficient. We can call them real highways leading to this, to pleasure, as the road there is an easy and very fast one.

The specificity of Tantra erotic massage, which make it a special choice for pleasure and enchantment, are met in every step during this journey to ecstasy. There are many signs, even form the beginning which indicate that you are on the good way and what is there in the end, waiting for you, will not disappoint you at all. From the very start, one entering in this magic word of massage, will find himself in a special world of mysteries, delights and wonders, the right one for having an unforgettable experience.

Here is where you’ll discover that the pleasure and excitement, the delight and enchantment we offer, have an immediate response in your own being, just the same. There is much joy that we produce in a tantric, erotic or taoist massage and you are not left aside of it. Offering, you offer to yourself, and the happiness, the joy and the peace you give to our guest enriches us as well.

The ambiance, along with other aspects, helps getting the success in a good erotic massage Bucharest

Everything helps here the guest in achieving valuable states, experiences and memories. The atmosphere created there, the persons involved in the massages, the techniques of relaxation and the maneuvers used especially for the body to body massage, all of them are mere indicators that you can find there what you want and even more. Every aspect is meant to enforce the main idea – a massage which fulfills every sense, which leads to higher states and which teaches a new perspective over important aspects in people lives.

The atmosphere and the ambiance in this kind of massage is a key of its success. It is a very special one, even if we may think that the atmosphere in the massages, in every session of massage, must be a particular one. But during this kind of massages, the atmosphere must be even more special and must fit the most with the purpose there.

What is the best ambiance in an oriental erotic massage

Along with the special atmosphere and ambiance created, there are other aspects equal important as this, which enable the manifestation of terrific actions, events and energies, the whole session. Even from the start, before beginning the session of massage, there are a few aspects which make this experience unique. We can talk, for example, about the sensual, beautiful voice answering the phone and giving you the first details about such a salon. Or the nice and sexy appearance of the young women who will enchant you by their knowledge in the art of tantric massage. The techniques applied are another item worth to give full attention to. These are, in fact, the most valuable aspects and the more issues when speaking about a good massage experience.

The ambiance maintains the good and sensual course of the entire session. Thereby, its importance it’s not to be neglected at all. The nice designs, the sensual atmosphere, the soft light and music must have their place in such a salon. The beautiful young masseuse will fit just perfect in such an ambiance. With her, the decor is complete and the success guaranteed.

Although the recipient puts a lot of effort in breathing in, he is able to relax while breathing out. The mouth remains open while the recipient is breathing in. The recipient ought to be making a few sounds while doing all these. If uncomfortable with creating sounds, start with as simple a sound as ‘ah’, and then continue from there. Making sounds is crucial in ensuring that the all the energy that has been built up around the genitals spreads to the rest of the body. As the recipient continues emitting sounds, the sexual energy that he releases spreads to the head, before exploding in the room. This happens regardless of the recipient’s sexuality.

It is important for the recipient to prepare adequately for the Tao Erotic Massage Bucharest, which can last up to several hours. Switch off all the mobile phones and other similar devices. Play some cool and calming music while lighting a few candles as a way of preparing of the massage. As the massage progresses from one stage to the next, consider changing the music. A more dynamic music or song would suffice. While preparing for the big draw, consider changing the music one more time. The masseur would then stroke the body gently, starting from the toes and moving upwards all the way to the head repeatedly.

This kind of erotic massage can be a very special and complex experience and there is no need to transform it in something it isn’t, just to catch as much attention and possible guests as you can. Guests will come, anyway, the more you are dedicated to the best massages you are doing there, the more guests will be attracted by your action and nothing else. This is one thing we’ve learned since working in this field, people with same interests and desires will come according to what you offer and to what you believe in. And then, there is this sense of accumulating more data and useful information on the subject of tantra and tao erotic massage and people also willing to find out this will be just happy to receive your help. But, another thing we have learned here is that you can also learn while you are teaching. Teaching others the mysteries of tantra well-applied in a massage session will help you understand better exactly these aspects. You go deeper in this knowledge just the moments you apply them with an open heart and mind. You learn more about massages, about people and their energies, about their responses and reactions to your moves and touches right in the moment you apply all this in the most concrete possible manner.

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