The tantric massage – A modality of harmonization and maintaining a state of wellness

There are many types of massages nowadays and their number is still increasing. Some of them focus only on the western medical approach. The others go beyond that, some are interested only on the relaxation. Therefore all of them can be considered therapeutically massages.


Bringing in the human being a deep state of wellness it’s always a therapy for the one receiving the massage. Probably different types of massages focus on different levels of the human nature. These levels gain a better state of wellness.

Eastern cultures erotic massage and western medicine

First of all, in the past years, the massages inspired from the eastern cultures and traditions began to gain more and more credit. A difference in the eastern culture in the medical approach when compared to the western one is the accent put on the subtle dimensions of the human being. The western medicine has long time accepted just the physical dimension of the human being and this dimension was the only one cured. It is in the recent times that the subtle aspects gain their place in the western medicine.


Through the western medicine and tantric massages

The massages deal with all the dimensions of the human being, not only the physical one.
Hence , as the western medicine developed over the centuries, we are now in the middle of the process of searching ways to improve the emotional, psychological, energetically and mental dimensions of the patients. This wasn’t taken in consideration hundreds years ago. Another approach is regarding erotic massage as an educational act.

Erotic massage as a medical act

In addition this goes for the massages itself. As part of the medical act, the massage was intended, at the beginning, to relief only the physical pains. The relief brought up was felt in the most concrete dimension of the body, the physical one. As a result now, even in the western countries, it is widely accepted the importance of the emotional relief. Tantric massage has for sure  the energetically improvement and the mental relaxation.

In conclusion the accent in the oriental massages and also in the tantric massage is put on the subtle dimension of the being.