Get ready for an out of this world lingam massage

A spiritual tool literally at your hands

In the tantric texts, the male sexual organ is defined as Lingam, loosely translated as The Wand of Light. As light represents the supreme symbol of spirituality, a wand of light would meet a concentration of this ultimate force. Therefore the lingam should be regarded with the required respect and adoration.


Purpose of lingam massage

That is why the purpose of a tantric lingam massage is very different than that of a simple erotic massage. It is not something to satisfy a mere lust. Instead, it is a useful tool to help you in your spiritual evolution as a human being.
A tantric lingam massage is designed to let you know better your own sexuality, through a conscious exploration. It will also teach how to move and control the energies in your own body. Thus you will be able to transform the huge sexual energy residing in your body, in more subtle and refined forms of energy – namely mental, emotional or spiritual energies.

Masseur of lingam massage

A skillful tantric masseur will take you to a complete relaxation of your body, while building up your sexual energy till it will expand and flow freely. This huge liberated energy will bring special moments of ecstasy, taking you to an another level of life, that we often call as an out of this world reality.



Touching the Wand of Light

It is true that man’s brain is wired in such a way that they are lingam focused, especially in their sexual life. Therefore, we should give the lingam a proper attention.
There are various techniques for touching and stroking a lingam in a tantric way. Beside using his intuition, a good masseur might try them one by one on a first meeting, in an attempt to define what is actually adequate for you. Therefore, take some time to explore this side and know yourself better.

Many men might be used to the standard thrusting technique, the so-called up and down movement. But the tantric lingam massage will let you discover a large spectrum of new strokes and touches. It will enhance your sensitivity and sensibility.
Therefore, sometimes you might have the feeling that your lingam is awakening to a new life, being reborn. You will notice new differences, new intensities, new nuances in your pleasurable sensations and experiences.

Old and new techniques

Sometimes you might enjoy a mild stimulation, while some other times you will long for intense and stimulating strokes. Nevertheless you should always pay attention to your limits and avoid overstimulation. For the main purpose of the tantric lingam massage is not the explosive orgasm coming together with ejaculation. The goal here is to get you in touch with more subtle parts of your being, while controlling your urge to ejaculate. Thus you will keep all the energies inside, without wasting a drop.


The final stage of lingam massage

Once the energies start to flow freely and harmoniously thorough your body, it is the time to move them up. The masseur will do it though prolonged and upward movements along your spine. This might easily take you to a higher state of consciousness.
Therefore, you should take your time to go deeper and deeper, to expand your consciousness and rejoice.