What yoga actually is about

Yoga is an amazingly vast system of practices including physical exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, body-cleansing techniques and many others. Yoga is not a religion, but a spiritual path. That is to say, it does not proclaim any god or deity – it is simply a complete system of methods meant to lead the practitioner to the highest level of self-discovery, where the individual consciousness merges with the universal one. The aim of yoga is stated in its very name, “yoga” meaning “fusion”.

Yoga is a millenary system, dating back before Christianity. Hence many of the general yogic statements are beginning to be proven right by modern science. The most important of them all is that every individual unit of the Universe is at the same time integrated in the Universe and a complete miniature reflexion of it.

Ancient and present view of yoga

In the yogic tradition this is stated in aphorisms like “what is above is also below”, or “that which is here (within man’s being) is also everywhere (in the entire Universe), and that which is not here (within man’s being) is actually nowhere (nowhere alse in the entire Universe)”.
In modern science, this yogic principle was coined as the holographic principle, or the holographic structure of the Universe. It is becoming more and more obvious that the whole Universe is a complex system with fractal design. Everything is interconnected and every thing potentially contains all things.

To get a clearer picture about yoga massage

This is what yoga is all about. A yogi’s practice is aimed at awakening this universal potential within the individual being. Modern art has also attempted to portray this intuition and aspiration that man has always had.

Therefore  I must say few people have truly experienced.

Among the modern pieces of art carrying to some extent this universal message are Constantin Brancusi’s sculptures and movies like Limitless, Transcendence, Lucy and The fountain. From these, in my oppinion, I say the most accurate masterpiece  is Brancusi’s by far.

Thus  I recommend The fountain, which is also why they are the hardest to comprehend.
Furthermore a more accessible portrayal for me is achieved in The matrix trilogy, although the message is lost for many in the appearance of sci-fi, special effects and spectaculous combat coreography.

Tantra yoga massage

A very special yogic path, and one that many find the most suitable for modern times is tantra yoga. “Tantra” means “web”, “netting” or “weft”. Its name is a metaphor for the holographic universal structure. The yogis have chosen this name because tantra is an all-encompassing spiritual path. As opposed to other systems that advice the practitioner to keep away from various temptations, tantra doesn’t avoid or reject anything.


Where can you find a real yoga related massage?

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