Tantric massage and the pleasures of the senses


The tantric massage can be an unique experience for every person opened to receive it in its entirely. It can be so unique because the variability of its characteristics may change a lot. It depends on the person making the massage and its particular way of massaging. The more opened to this experience is the person receiving it, the more sensations appear, creating a remarkable experience.


More complex, more power

The complexity of a tantric massage is due, partially, to the specific techniques involved and partially, to the diverse sensations that appear during the massage. The sensations perceived by the one receiving the massage belong to almost all of the senses of the human being. Except for the taste, all the other four senses can enjoy pleasant sensations and bath in delightful impressions.

A symphony of sensations

The sensations felt during the tantric massage are more accurate than usual due to the relaxation needed. The attitude itself is one of relaxation, but, moreover, in this type of massage that includes techniques and maneuvers for relaxing the muscles, each detail of the ambience prepares for perceiving clearly the sensations.

Along with the touch, the visual sense is enchanted by beautiful views; the smell of perfumed flowers or the soft scent of the (almost) naked body of the one offering the massage; soft whispers as the only audible sounds besides the music played in a low tonality… All these enchant the receiver, makes him relax even more and remain opened to the variety of the sensations that comes to him in the most pleasant way.