Control of senses in tantric massage ways

The tantric massage is a combination of some types of    massages but it has its specificities, also. It includes many techniques and modalities met in other types of massages.


Purposes of the massages

The massages, in general, aim to bring relief to the person receiving it. We can speak here about the relief of the pains. One example might be relief  of the tensions, or, if these do not exist, relief of old energies. Old energies stocked in the human structure are being replaced through the massages with new energies, fresh ones. This purpose is met in every kind of massage, be it somatic, reflexive, or erotic. And it is not the only purpose.

The relaxation that comes during a massage is something very pleasant, met in every type of massage. For some, it is the main reason, after all we have massage for relaxation. And before working on muscles in a therapeutically kind of massage, we need to relax the muscles first. So this necessity occurs natural here.

For the therapeutically massages, the maneuvers over the muscles are very important.


This aim comes first as a priority, even though the relaxation part precedes it.
In the tantric massage, one of the most important roles is the one of determining an erotically arousal in the person being massaged. It also comes after (and between) maneuvers for relaxation.

Specificities of the tantric massage

Even though the tantric massage is a combined type of the massage and it includes techniques from other kinds of massages, it has its specificities, too. It deals with the erotic energies, without being a sexual intercourse, sometimes without even touching the sexual parts of the one receiving the massage. But the focus is pretty much on the erotically arousal, everything made from the flow of the energies, knowing how and when to direct certain energies.


The sensual touches have an important role here, also.

The sensual touches are met only in this type of massage, erotic or tantric one. Their aim is pleasure, controlled pleasure. The pleasure felt in a tantric massage is different from the one felt in other massages, pure somatic ones.

Erotically arousal in the tantric massage

The erotically energies are awaken in this kind of massage and the person receiving it experience erotically arousal during his pleasant time spent there. The whole approach of the massage is an erotically one, once the relaxation of the every part of the body is completed.
This particularity of the tantric massage is obtained through the type of touches that goes all over the body, which has to be sensual and soft. And then, last, but not least, the body-to-body massage that is contained in a tantric massage. In fact, these maneuvers are the one that enchants the most the person receiving the massage.

All this erotically arousal must come together with a complete control of the senses.

Hence as in tantra there is no place for loosing energies if the arousal reaches its critical point. The person receiving the massage is helped to direct in an ascendant manner the energies that become stronger and stronger in his inner being.

The control of the senses is a `must-do` of tantra and a `must-do` in a tantric massage, also. There is no limit put in the pleasure felt, but a controlled pleasure is always better than a chaotically, uncontrolled one.