The tantric massage offers a large spectrum of touches

The tantric massage has an advantage by including more types of touches. A real tantric massage has more techniques and modalities involved as the others kidns of massage.

As it starts with connecting the beings of the two persons involved – the one offering the massage and the one receiving it – we find at the beginning the delicate approach of the receiver’s body.

There are soft caresses all over his body, very, very gentle ones, going from head to toes.

Relaxation techniques in tantric massage

The relaxation techniques we find also in a tantric massage, not just in a relaxation type of massage, are sustained by a little more firm touches. They aim to relieve tensions in the muscles or to relieve even pain.
But the most delicious touches are the ones aiming to arouse the erotic energy and to control it by proper modalities, by certain touches and careful focusing. They follow the relaxation of different parts of the body and offers the biggest joy and pleasure.


The sensual touches – the ”most wanted” during a tantric massage

If the touches and techniques which aim to offer relief are made in a certain manner for the purpose of the relaxation, the touches which make a difference in a tantric massage are the sensual ones. And they are the most wanted during a tantric massage.


Moreover, the whole body of the masseuse can participate for the joy and fulfillment of the senses.


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