The control of the Creator potential in the tantric massage

The tantric massage follows the tantric precepts and represents its expression during the massage. The massage realized in a tantric manner maintains the techniques and the aims of the tantric path. Also follows the tantric doctrine.

The importance of the sexual energy in tantra and in the tantric massage

Just as the tantric doctrine, the tantric massage emphasizes very much the role of the Creator potential and the sexuality and erotically energy in general.


Tantra deals with the whole being of the humans, with its whole potentiality. And, as long as the biggest quantity of energy is found at the sexual level of the human beings, it will have to deal a lot with their sexuality.

Even if it is not fully expressed in a tantric massage, the sexual energy is the fundamental energy of the men and women. Hence  the tantric massage doesn’t ever forget this. I know from my experiences a very big accent is put on the sexual energy and I can understand why, you?

Just as the modern psychology admits, tantra and the tantric massage is aware of the great potential of the sexual energy brings in the human being. And it is something it will deal with, with no fear, despite all shames and tabu-s.

For me, to have a definite effect upon the person receiving the massage, I shall not repel this fantastic energy!

Even though the modalities can be very subtle, rending account of the particularities and specificities of the respective person.

The view over the Creator potential in the tantric massage

One of the biggest benefits the tantric doctrine offered to the mankind is its view over the creator potential in the human beings. According to this ancient philosophy, must be maintained in the best condition. Also it myst not be lost during the sexual activity or otherwise.

The sexual potential is being seen as a great potential of whom people must be aware and take care. Therefore  preserving it through right modalities and making it last as long as possible during their entire life. This one of the reasons the real tantric disciples maintain their vigor and virility despite the passing of the time.

Opposite to the modern views of our society in which the sexual potential is often seen as something to big to carry it always with you. From time to time will be lost. Tantra demands all the efforts towards maintaining it in the best condition possible. The overdose will be orientated to the upper levels with the aid of proper techniques. The aim os not to be lost on purpose because of the lack of the capacity to deal with it.


So the Creator potential is seen as one of the biggest gifts received by the human being for its evolution. And one of the biggest items to deal with during the tantric massage for all the beneficial effects that occurs.


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