Tantra massage, between spirituality and sexual energy

Originally, Tantra is a spiritual trend from India, where it appeared more than three millennia ago. Tantra teaches how to find spiritual ecstasy through sexuality. We are used to separating the body – therefore sexuality – from the spirit. In Tantrism, everything is brought together. Practice brings happiness and joy Tantra massage is a practice […]

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Skin, the most sensual organ of the body in Tantra massage

  With a total surface of one and a half meters to two meters, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It accounts for about one-sixth of body weight and impresses with its diversity. The skin protects the body from harmful external influences, such as extreme temperatures and drought, as well as […]

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The healing power of Tantra massage

  Tantra is a spiritual practice based on sexual energy. Long reserved for specialists, nowadays it is more and more practiced. An easy way of learning about Tantra principles is Tantra massage. Tantra massage, touch and emotions The importance of touch is renowned for its healing, therapeutic effects. Tantra massage is not intended to cure […]

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Tantra massage – a way to unblock sexual energy

Tantra finds its origin in a set of writings written in Sanskrit and it is known as a practice from India, existing for ancient times. The term Tantra can be translated as “expansion of consciousness”. This expansion of consciousness is made possible through the circulation of vital and sexual energy, within our body. Tantra aims […]

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Controlled pleasure in tantra massage

  The tantra massage is a tempting call for pleasure, lust, desire and special delights. Its worldwide fame comes exactly from these peculiarities. It is a very special form of massage among all the forms and types of massages and not in a few occasions it is the most wanted and most requested. The specificities […]

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How can you integrate Tantra massage into one’s relationship


    The art of Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years. Today’s Tantra massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a complete bodily experience. A traditional massage is enhanced by the incorporation of breathing exercises and genital stimulation. It is a way of awakening one’s whole being at all levels: […]

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The conscious touch – a healing way in Tantra massage

arome therapy breathing erotic

The importance of conscious touch When we experience touch, a touch full of affection, compassion, a conscious touch, our bodies produce the hormone of love: oxytocin. This hormone has many beneficial physiological effects on our body: it reduces blood pressure, reduces hormone production that creates stress, reduces anxiety, slows down the process of a disease, […]

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Tantra massage as pleasure vs Tantra massage as therapy

esthetic art girl

  Tantra is practiced since thousands of years ago and is a philosophy that considers creation to be an act of love. The purpose of Tantra is to feel through the physical body the divine energy in order to transform oneself. Today, Tantra massage is perceived as something sensual, even erotic, but it still retains […]

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Tantra massage – from abandonment to spiritual awakening

  Sexuality and Tantra The place of sexuality in Tantra is generally misunderstood and, in the minds of many people, is most often oversized. This repels some who imagine Tantra as a sulfurous practice hidden behind an erotic-spiritual mask. It attracts others, unfortunately not always for good reasons. Tantra is a path of knowledge and […]

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Tantra massage in our days

erotic massage nadine

  Tantra massage therapy is a revolutionary form of bodywork that has been developed as an antidote to the conventional problems that plague many people today. The beneficial aspects are numerous, but it is especially recognized as a deep healing instrument and renowned for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages. Tantra massage – […]

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