Definition of Tantra

Etymologically, the term Tantra is composed of the Sanskrit root “Tan” which has the meaning of “weaving” and “Tra” which has the meaning of teachings and methods. Tantra can be translated as “development of understanding”. It is a path of self-realization, a path of consciousness and evolution. It is an art of inner transformation, of the blossoming of our consciousness to the world, of the present moment, of the presence of the Divine. It is a principle of elevation to what is beyond us and understanding of it. True philosophy, art of living, awakening, Tantra is a way of being.

The touch is essential to our physical and emotional balance

Technically, Tantra massage is based on the yogic knowledge of the body and the subtle experience of the 108 marmas or energy points, similar to acupuncture points, which are connected by the movements of the experienced masseuse. Marmas are energetic points or key points, real bridges between the body and consciousness. They are very palpable with the hands. These points are the seats of vital energy or prana.

Different specific techniques are used: effleurage, friction, kneading…At a professional Tantra massage salon, the masseuse is specialized in the art of Tantra massage and during the Tantra massage session she will perform continuous movements on an extremely slow rhythm all over the entire body of the person receiving the Tantra massage. The one receiving the massage is naked, the touches are characterized by long sensual movements (in the sense of feeling, not sexual), soft and harmonious, slow, with pauses, allowing the receiver to tame what he feels, thus promoting pleasure and well-being.

Tantra massage is a path to emotional, corporal and mental harmony

Tantra massage is relaxing, healing, relieving after effort, restores knots and tension, relieves muscle and joint pain, clears blockages of energy, balances energy and awakes Kundalini. Kundalini is known to infuse a tremendous amount of energy into a person, and has an incredible ability to heal almost any affliction, be it medical, emotional or spiritual. When the Kundalini is awake, it also awakens the sexual energy in the body.

During a Tantra massage session, the experienced masseuse adjusts her movements at every moment to the reactions experienced by the person being massaged, who thus learns to relax more and listen to the reactions of each part of his body. It is a matter of sensitizing, awakening and liberating the intimate and sexual zone, connecting it to the whole body, to the whole Being, in its richness and complexity. During the massage from the head to the feet, the sensations felt are poetic, slow, meditative, moving… It is frequent to cry of joy or emotional sharing by receiving a Tantra massage.

Tantra massage helps to rebalance and harmonize the energy, relationship and spiritual plans, to connect sex-heart-head. Tantra massage eliminates stress, promotes a deep relaxation of the body and helps to reestablish an emotional harmony.

Tantra massage is recommended to develop the joy of living, confidence, sensuality, longevity of couples and orgasmic pleasures.