Tantra is a path of acceptance and transcendence

It distinguishes from both sexual hedonism and sexual asceticism. Tantra has a unifying vision and embraces the being in its totality. It is the path of greatness that takes over all the lower, human and limited tendencies and energies, and crushes, purifies them, amplifies them without fear, and controls them.

Pleasure is an indispensable emotion in experimenting with mystical eroticism. We talk about refined eroticism. Pleasure can lead us to happiness, it can amplify love and perhaps even give us authentic knowledge. So, from a spiritual perspective, it remains especially a means and not a goal.

Tantra has developed an entire methodology that aims at the controlled amplification of superior sensual experiences and the channeling of the resulting energies to accelerate spiritual evolution. Tantra massage is one of this methodologies.

Tantra massage takes you to a deep state of relaxation

It is very important to feel very free, to lack prejudices or inhibitions, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of the massage session as much as possible. Pleasure takes different forms, it is not strictly focused on the sexual area. It can alternate from delicate pleasure to overwhelming emotions, intense love without object, ecstatic paroxysmal pleasure, beatific trance states, mystical ecstasy, and transcendence.

Tantra massage offers the privilege of finding ourselves

During a massage session you learn to trust your masseuse and to let go, to abandon to the present moment. The hands that delicately touch your naked body help you rediscover yourself, your desires and pleasures. The professional masseuse, specialized in the art of Tantra, helps you give up conditioned patterns and put aside what prevents you from fully living in this moment, here and now. Emotional and mental blockages can be removed.

Many people wear various masks in the social world that they can hardly take out. Tantra massage helps you break down these iron masks to have enough courage and to show your own vulnerability and also to take responsibility for everything you do. Love is the meaning of life and the law of life.

Tantra massage awakes your sexual energy

Every touch you receive during the massage session is amplified by the magic atmosphere created at the Tantra massage salon (relaxing music, scented candles, and diffuse light). The touches are harmonious, erotic, and sensual. Your body stimuli will respond much more easily to the expert touches of the masseuse, to the energy vibrations. Sexual energy awakens and circulates through the body, from the base of the spine to the back of the head, activates and harmonizes energy centers, awakens desire, pleasure, and love.

When the sexual energy is awaken, the expression of pleasure becomes complete and unlimited precisely because of the expansion that Tantra massage makes possible, and the echo of these stimulation actions can generate strong emotions or intense states of energy expansion and consciousness. Even the most refined form of pleasure of the senses is finite by itself, as long as it is not transformed into an experience of expansion beyond individual limits, by the barriers of senses and minds. Therefore, in this erotic experience, it is necessary to look at this ecstatic connection that can and must be achieved between sexual energy, physical pleasure, heart and consciousness.