The science of YOGA

Yoga represents a system of deep and complete transformation of the human being, through the inner alchemy. It is the most elevated and complete form of approach to spirituality, which includes absolutely all aspects of our existence. The goal in Tantra is the expansion of the field of individual consciousness to realize the identity between individual consciousness and supreme consciousness through the awakening and ascension of the Kundalini energy (the fundamental energy of being). This identification leads to spiritual liberation.

The Kundalini energy

In ancient Indian sacred writings there is talk of a divine energy at the base of the spine. Often associated with the image of a sleeping snake, this energy once awakened, climbs through the backbone and energetic channels, activating energetic centers and making a union of our self with the higher self!

Kundalini energy can be activated through YOGA massage. When Kundalini is awake it removes the energy blockages in the chakras (energy centers) and climbs up unhindered to the 7th chakra there is a harmonization of our feminine and masculine energies, our physical self combines with the spiritual self, and we get to a state of union with the divine.

YOGA massage and the ascension of energy

A YOGA massage session can offer the possibility to live this real ascent to the spirituality of the soul through the body. This unique type of massage is a full body oil massage that will take you on an intense sensory, spiritual and ecstatic personal journey. At a professional Tantra massage salon everything is set to take you in this magical journey. Scented candles to delight your olfactory senses, the light and the music to help you relax, the melodies create a rhythm of wave like movements through the body of the receiver.

Professional masseuses specialized in the art of massage will help you relax and abandon yourself to the present moment, here and now. The touches are fluid, a continuity of movement, techniques of effleurage, kneading and caresses will systematically stimulate your body. While the expert hands of the masseuse help you get relaxed and lowers stress levels, the movements bring a sense of letting go, complete relaxation and also stimulate your energy.

All your senses are awaked, sexual energy  is revived, the masseuse will guide you through this process, will teach you how to breathe calmly, profound, in order to control this powerful energy and to guide it from center to center, up the spine, to the crown of the head. This offers the possibility to obtain a perfect relaxation of the body and mind and also the possibility of obtaining orgasm.

YOGA massage is an opening to your heart and soul as you drift your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation and healing and it awakens your senses and experience the flow of surrender, freedom, exquisite sensations, trust, body awareness, confidence. This massage is an act of love, acceptance and tenderness.