What do you know about Tantra?

More famous than known, Tantra is a millenary science that studies the human being in all its complexity as well as its spiritual evolution. Deriving from the combination of Sanskrit words “tan” (warp, fabric, network, expansion), and “tra” (instrument), the word “tantra” means in a first translation a set of methods and tools that generate consciousness expansion and contribute to creating a network of conscious connections between elements of reality, apparently separate, thus gaining a more and more comprehensive understanding of everything. Tantra is also a set of practices aimed at prolonging erotic pleasure and improving performance at this level.

What do you know about Tantra massage?

What you already know: Tantra massage is not about loosening your muscles. However, this massage can also resolve tensions – and those of a sexual or spiritual nature. The body is celebrated, this unique massage is for all people who want to experience their own sensuality with dignity and respect. The roles are clearly distributed: there is a giver and a recipient. The recipient of the massage does not touch the giver – in your case the masseuse – but gives himself completely to his own feelings.

Tantra massage is also about massaging your genitals. This special form of massage has nothing to do with prostitution or an erotic service. Sexual desires are not negotiable.

How does a tantra  massage session work?

On a professional massage salon, you will have a preliminary discussion, you can clarify what are the reasons why you choose this massage (it may be out of curiosity, due to physical and sexual complaints) and you can also tell to the masseuse what are your limits, if you don’t want to be touched in a certain place or with a certain pressure. After the preliminary talk the massage session can begin.

The masseuse will use a warm oil and the touches start from the tips of the hair to the tips of the toes, every zone is included. All the senses are addressed, you get to deeply relax and abandon into this sensual adventure. The reactions to the touch are very individual.

The goal of the Tantra massage is to create a sense of well-being in one’s own body. You can completely let go. Every part of your body is spoiled. You feel the pleasure in you slowly rising in waves. Your mind can not be distracted by anything. You do not waste your thoughts on everyday worries, pressure to perform or the expectations of others. They let go completely, give themselves totally to the touch and their sensations. You feel how the pleasure builds up. It increases so much that it tingles electrically all over the body. And a state of ecstasy shakes you from head to toe. The feeling of happiness may be taken into everyday life.

Tantra massage brings new energy to life

Those who get to know themselves better can also express their wishes well. The sensual experience of Tantra massage brings self-confidence and inner strength. The understanding of the reactions of the body also leads to a more intense relation to the ego.