Receiving a Tantra massage allows you to achieve the right balance between mind and body

Any rigidity in the physical body and mental attitude hinders the flow of energy. With the passage of time this blockage causes the acceleration of the aging process, the onset of various types of physical and emotional diseases ranging from depression to meaning of guilt to the general loss of love for life.

Obviously all this is due to our mental patterns, our character, our inner wounds, our moral conditioning. Tantra massage can represent the overcoming of these over time. With the massage you don’t want to go into a psychology session, but simply to help with the capacity and awareness of the present to have a more direct and marked perception of the sensations of your body and to help you live better the present, the here and now moment, guided by the intuitiveness and sensitivity of the masseuse.

Sweet and harmonious stimuli instill confidence

In our society, everything has taken on a formal character from the handshake to the most intimate aspects, and you can bet that many love contacts take place in a standardized way with repeated and obvious gestures, in the absence of any creativity and with little mutual satisfaction. In the civilization of machines man appears mechanized not only in the body, but even in thoughts and feelings. It is well known that physical contact nurtures self-esteem and the ability to trust and abandon oneself.

Among the immediate effects of Tantra massage can be positive results on the psycho-affective-bodily sphere, the release of tensions and stress, energy recharge, furthermore transformations and changes can occur on the way we perceive ourselves and the reality that surrounds us including a reactivation of sexual energies. Very often those who receive a Tantra massage perceive very clearly the reactivation or strengthening of body vitality and creativity.

Tantra massages are one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and maintain a good nervous balance in the continuous rediscovery of our body

The healing aspect is certainly a peculiarity of this unique type of massage. It favors, where it’s needed, the release of energy so that it flows freely in the body positively conditioning all aspects of life. Even when emotional blockages were absent, it allows an improvement in body energy. Tantra Massage can release blocked energy and help resolve inner conflicts, allowing you to live a happy, healthy experience. It can be considered a path of personal growth as it constitutes a powerful sensory experience exercised, listening to the Self, and freeing oneself from conditioning.

The skin is a thin line of demarcation between the inner and the outer world, and the hands, being receptive and transmitting means, are often able to penetrate into the deep world of our being, to infuse well-being and calm, untie knots and tensions, charge it with energy and when they are sensitive and trained, able to feel and help the body’s self-healing process.

During a Tantra massage session emotions are intensified, you learn to control and prolong the pleasure and moments of ecstasy.