Essential oils and erotic massage

Have you ever had the experience of coming back home after a day’s work, stop in front of a bush of blossoming roses and, while enjoying their fresh and delicate fragrance, feel the heart filled with joy?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could add these fragrances to other experiences of our life, thus making them more rich, more beautiful? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our most intimate and profound experiences would carry the perfumed imprint of our favorite essential oils?
Nothing easier, because the essential oils can be taken in a pocket and carried with us all over the world. Nothing easier, since nowadays any professional massage center has a wide range of pure essential oils and blends of flavors.

History of massage oils

The use of essential oils as part of the massage techniques, including erotic massage, is very old indeed. All great civilizations have given high importance to the therapeutic benefits of aromatic oils.
Professional aromatherapists tend to favor massage as one of the most effective ways to benefit the curative capabilities of the essential oils. That is because the healing properties of oils combined with the nutritious quality of intimate touches give rise to a powerful form of treatment.
The use of essential oils in erotic massage brings an extra flavor to the touches, making them delicious (when using essential oils of vanilla or orange blossom), sensual (when adding essences of patchouli or coconut to the base oil), romantic (when using essences of jasmine and peony), spiritualized (if adding a few drops of sandalwood or frankincense essential oils) etc.
The erotic massage can be energizing or relaxing, it can sooth the nervous system or boost the blood system, it can improve the physical or mental condition. According to the essential oils to be added to the base oil, these qualities can be greatly enhanced and refined.
Here is, for example, a mixture with a powerful aphrodisiac effect, at the same time stimulating and deeply harmonizing – few drops of essential oils of bergamot, nutmeg, neroli and ylang-ylang. You will quickly notice the fresh and positive effect on the psychic.
Another successful blend, which is instead more subtle and refined, that gentle and gradually awakens the senses, is made of essential oils of sandalwood, rose and cypress. The effects of the erotic massage with this mixture can be felt days afterwards, as these oils leave a deep impression on the whole being.
And if after a stressful day you want to relax and regain your mental clarity, a mixture of essential oils of cedar, lemon balm, lavender and frankincense will be of great use, as your brain activity would reach again the maximum.

Oils, senses and energy

During the erotic massage, the direct contact of the senses gradually creates a conscious connection between the giver and the receiver of the massage. The two may have direct eye contact, may inhale the same perfume, may listen to the sound of each other’s breathing, while the contact surface of their bodies is much extended. Thus, the bond that is created during a sensual massage helps us have confidence in each other and open ourselves, it helps us acknowledge and accept our own emotions, our own experiences.
Knowing all this, all that’s left to do is to carefully study your agenda, make an appointment at a professional massage center, where you can choose with care your essential oils and benefit the advantages of a unique experience.
And why not, at our massage center?