Tantra massage for women?

Most women don’t find it appropriate to go and have an erotic massage, or they are simply too shy to do it. We hope that this article will help them understand that there is nothing degrading or shameful about it, especially since tantra massage is much more than just erotic massage. This piece is meant to present the beneficial effects, among which many are therapeutic, and how much most people need this in their lives. It is not about paying for fleeting, sinful pleasure, it’s about taking care of your physical and psyco-emotional well-being, as well as your spiritual one.


Tantra massage for women as a solution

It may come in as a surprise, but tantra is not a sexual practice, it’s a spiritual one. Tantra is the path of focus, awareness and inner alchemy, which uses every energy available as stepping stones on the spiritual path. Because sexual energy is the most powerful one we have, tantra is also using it. This way, tantra is the solution and answer to all ethical dilemas concerning sexuality and spirituality, because it integrates eroticism in the spiritual path; thus eros becomes sacred and a way of achieving the Divine.

Tantra massage for women stages

Tantra massage for women includes a preparatory stage of relaxation massage, and a second stage of yoni massage (“yoni” is the sanscrit word for vagina, also having the meaning of matrix, gate and spring). Though this second stage may get pleasurable up to orgasm, this is not its purpose.
Throughout time it has become an obvious scientific fact that there is a tight connection between our emotional and sexual systems. Certain serious traumas can even lead to frigidity and infertility, while other less damaging negative emotions can cause various pains or diseases of the vagina. For example, if your experience pain during intercourse, you can be sure there are some unresolved inner conflicts going on in your being. While harmonizing your psycho-emotional conflicts will lead to the healing of this disorders, this feedback process also works the other way around. Which is to say, yoni massage leads to psycho-emotional healings.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage is an experience that requires a state of relaxation, opening and surrendering. This is why it should only be practiced with your lover or a specialist whom you can truly trust. This is one of the main differences between erotic massage for men and tantra massage for women. Given the very anatomy of our genitalia, any sexual experience is completely different from men to women. This is why women cannot rape men, because for them intercourse does not require allowing somebody else to enter their body and their being. Thus, yoni massage is a much more intimate experience for a woman than erotic massage will ever be for a man.

Women yoni massage as a therapy

Though it may seem that this is something that makes us women more vulnerable, it is in fact a great advantage. This feminine structure that we have allows us deeper and easier access to our emotional and spiritual level. This is how yoni massage can be a truly therapeutic experience. This state of trust and opening will help us plunge very deep within ourselves, where we hide our deepest fears and sorrows. These are the ones keeping us from being free, from fully manifesting our feminine potential. This is where all insecurities come from. And having access here is a great source of power.
For many women, at the begining, yoni massage can be a rather cathartic experience. Don’t fear this overflow of emotions, it will only set you free and heal you. However, this is just the beginning. As you get from session to session, you will notice great improvement, both in your sexuality and in your emotionality.

Yoni massage and sexuality

The sexual function is very easily harmonised through yoni massage, frigidity and vaginal pains being completely healed (depending on how serious the case is, it may take more time, but the effects are guaranteed). Also, if you were having troubles in achieving orgasm, it will become easier and easier for you to reach various types of orgasms. Given the feminine genital anatomy, women have several erogenous areas that lead to climax when proper stimulation is provided. As yoni massage involves very thorough techniques, all these areas will be carefully stimulated and will thus become more and more sensitive.


Other effects of tantra massage

Other wonderful effects are increased self-esteem, inner peace, self confidence, psycho-emotional well-being, harmonious interactions with men in general (if there used to be any fears, insecurities or states of anger/disgust/rejection towards them), your femininity will be amplified, any inner conflicts related to sexuality will be resolved.
The most important effect of them all is that yoni massage will harmonise the relationship between sex, emotions, ethics and spirituality. Yoni massage, through the very meaningful and profound experiences it provides, helps us understand the power of eroticism and how sacred it can (and should always) be.

Professional recommendations for women tantra massage

In order to get full and quick results, we recommend that you start with a professional (we offer tantra massage for women in our erotic massage salon in Bucharest), and then teach your loved one how to do it and also practice at home. The level of connection and intimacy established through yoni massage is unimaginable. Your love relationship will become much more profound, fulfilling, loving, for you will both learn a lot about yourselves and about each other.