Erotic massage in Bucharest. We want you to savour your stay here

Friends, business, or family? It doesn’t matter. You are most welcome to make delicious memories at Tao. Whether you are visiting your dear relatives, having fun with your friends or busy with important black tie meetings, there’s always room for a little pleasure-immersed relaxation.

Our wonderful girls will make sure your time here flows in seconds of exquisit eroticism. Whether you stay for an hour or longer, have a simple massage, a four-hand-masage or more, whether you bring your loved one for a couple massage or come just by yourself, your experience here will be memorable.


Get ready for regenerating relaxation, gentle and arousing touches, beauty, sensuality, intimacy. At least a full hour of being caressed with the whole beautiful body of the girl you like most. Let her delight you with her femininity, dive in her mistery and surrender to her skillful touches.

A different experience

Let go of all the stress, escape the mundane and embrace this sweet revigorating experience. Have a bit of time for just yourself, you deserve to enjoy life in the most enchanting and intense way. Soft, oily breasts sliding on your skin, sweet whispers in your ear, shivers up your spine, come and surender to all these delights.


Relax your body, your spirit, your mind. You’ll find it much easier to focus afterwards, to be calm and efficient in what you do. The beneficial effects of massage and of harmonising your eroticism in this way are multiple and fast. After every massage you’ll feel better and better, a better man from many points of view. It is a most pleasant way of enhancing many of your aptitudes, erotic and not only.

Whether you want to test the effects, or you only come to relax and enjoy, it is an experience you will never regret. Surrender to the abundance of sensations, relax and let them take you over, observe how they delight you and savour every moment. Drink down to the last drop this cocktail of beauty, femininity, intimacy and pleasure. Open up and let it fill you in a most delicious way.

We are here to welcome you in a world of rafined pleasure, beautiful eroticism and fulfilling connection through the art of massage. Relax and let your limits fade away, just float your way through touches, glances, whispers, profound gazes, mysterious smiles, intense shivers, and expand your mind in the sweet rising pleasure.

A full erotic experience

The experience can get richer and richer since you can have two of our amazing girls massage you at the same time, three, or even all of them. Let them dance their bodies on yours, setting free their graceful sensuality and tender arousing caresses. What more could a man desire than being surounded by wonderful women who wish to please and fulfill his most beautiful dreams?

Or, if you want something more personal, the girl of your choice will be alone with you for the most intimate, romantic and arousing experience. Her unique feminine charm shall reveal itself to you, unfolding in her every move, and touch, and smile. Give her the pleasure to enchant your senses and make an intense and amazing memory of your time together.

There are multiple options, just come here and tell us what your preferences are. If you can’t make up your mind, just give us the time to offer you the whole variety of services and experiences we provide. Come and see how Tao is different from what you’ve experienced before. We are the first erotic massage salon in Buchrest, with our own tradition and style. We look forward to meeting and delighting you…