Threedimensional erotic massage: Body, mind and soul

Why multidimensional is better

Given the complexity of the human being, different disciplines have been developed to study the different aspects that compose it. However, it is becoming more and more obvious that each and every one of us is a whole. Thus, the most appropriate perspective is the holistic one.

For example, the new German medicine is pointing out that all diesease is the consequence of an emotional cause. And even before this very precise and detailed system was discovered, it had been known, for example, that stress, depression and anxiety affect our health, especially our heart. Also, it is generally known that people who are very often angry or upset have stomach and liver problems.

This being said, and considering the psychologically damaging environment provided by modern society, it is clear that we need efficient therapies to help us maintain our physical and psychological well-being. There are many such beneficial activities one can engage in, like yoga, mindfulness, art therapy, to name but a few. However, each of them only truly works with the adequate guidance of a professional.

We are specialised in erotic massage!


About erotic massage

Erotic massage is a therapy that does wonders when performed properly. Nevertheless, there are very few who approach it as such. Just as you can’t do melotherapy with rock, rap or pop, you can’t have therapeutic effects from erotic massage only aimed at “entertainment”. And just as in any other process of therapy, the client himself has to properly engage in the process.

The “technical” part is handled by the one performing the massage, who has to know and apply all the maneuvers in the right order. However, the key for efficient effects is awareness. And in order to help you out with that, we will discribe in the following the effects you need to focus upon when receiving professional erotic massage.

First dimension

At the physical level, you will notice a process of relaxation that is very deep and profound. You will feel regenerated, hydrated (from the massage oil), and feel how your body needs to be cared for. Now that it is receiving the needed attention, you will feel through contrast how you have neglected most of your body, because we are not taught to take the time to properly care for it. Also, you will experience a surprising amount of pleasure. Absolutely every inch of your skin can experience sensations that will give you shivers.


Second dimension

This is where we can start moving on to the mental level, because all the relaxation and pleasure trigger the secretion of various hormones that are nurturing and regenerating your brain and body. This is why erotic massage has positive effects in reducing ruminative thinking, anxiety and stress. After a good session of erotic massage, you will notice that your mind is more silent, at peace and clear, which makes it way easier for you to focus, organise and create.

Third dimension

However, from my personal point of view, the best effects are on the emotional level. Having our entire body massaged makes us feel accepted and cared for. We receive attention that we never even offer ourselves. This will make us way more aware of the rush we live in, the stress we face daily and how indiferent we are to ourselves, neglecting even our physical needs, not to mention our emotional ones, and not to mention how we treat others, since we don’t even care for ourselves. This can be an utterly life-changing realisation.

Professional erotic massage can have really cathartic effects. You must know that lots of emotional pain can surface and can be healed. Also, it releases stress and frustration. At the end of the session you’ll notice that you feel light as a feather floating in thin air. This increases many emotional dimensions, such as self-confidence and empathy.


Bonus for 3 dimension erotic massage

If you have regular sessions, you will notice in time an improvement of your relationships in general and also in your sexual performance. Due to the threedimensional effects, you will find your body more “in shape” for erotic action, you will be amased to notice that the variety of types of pleasure you experience becomes vaster. You will feel more self-confident, wich gives you the freedom to manifest all your passion with no inhibitions. You will also be more tender, empathetic, being able to know where and how your partner wants it. And you will be able to last longer. Much longer. Our masseuses here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest can tell you more about how to do that.