Erotic massage – a continuous way to perfect yourself

We all want to

As human beings, we have an innate desire to always grow better. Whether we do it in art, in our career, in sport, or simply as a person, most of us go through this unceased struggle to grow. In psychology it is called the process of self actualization. It is a concept coined by Carl Rogers, winner of many prices for his scientific contributions to psychology and Nobel Peace Price Nominee.

Also, positive psychology has pointed out that the most efficient path to happiness is fulfilling our potential. Cross-cultural studies carried out by Martin Seligman  have shown that this is a universal trait of the human beeing. Martin Seligman is the father of positive psychology. However, in order to use your potential, you need to find it, to know it.

Man is a highly complex being. This potential can be intellectual, artistic, related to sports, leadership, business, emotional, social, political, religious, or even a mixture of more. Discovering your potential could be a first important answer to the essential question “who am I”?

That is the question, but what is the answer?

Psychology differentiates between the real self and the ideal self. The ideal self is what we aspire to be, what we wish we were like or what we pose to be. There usually is an inner conflict that arises from the difference between the real self and the ideal self.

The real self is generally considered to be what we are really like, with all the good and bad, whether we like it or not. Rogers, however, had a rather interesting view upon it. He said that the self should be free from any value system imposed from the outside and that man should aspire to a relation of identity between the real and actual self. Self actualisation is the process of making the ideal self and the true self become one; because freeing our mind from any pattern imposed from the outside will help us discover and cherish our real self.


Why erotic massage?

Coming back to the title, let’s see how erotic massage has anything to do with it. No matter how many people deny it, the emotional side and the sexual one are very inimately related for humans. A study in neurology has shown that there is a same part of the cortex that is activated when being exposed to erotica, enjoying art or thinking of a dear one. Sexuality can be one of the most profound dimentions of the human being, if approached as such. It is the highest level of intimacy that two people can achieve, it is where we are most vulnerable for we are most visible, we are most ourselves.

Massage in general is used in many types of therapy, both physical and psychological. Relaxation is a very important ingredient for the health of our body and our emotional well-being. It corelates with self-confidence, friendliness, detatchment, good relationships, inner and outer harmony (emotional and social).

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How it works

Erotic massage is a very efficient way to discover yourself, when performed by a professional. An adequate combination of relaxation, therapeutic and erotic techniques enables the surfacing of many emotions we don’t take the time to discover. In a session of proper erotic massage, one is likely to discover inner conflicts. These  were never aware of before, emotional pain they didn’t know they were bearing. The fact that they lack and thirst for affection, or the source and cause of various outer conflicts or patterns of behavior they have.

On the other hand, one could also be very pleasantly surprised at the level of pleasure they can experience, of the feeling of being cared for, at how sensitive and refined their emotions are, of the level of affection they can manifest, of how tender and romantic they are, or even become aware of their inner freedom and their creativity. Erotic massage also enhances the state of empathy, our introspective capacity and the quality of our relationships in general. It can boost our quality of life and self-esteem, making us feel more motivated to act in productive and satisfying ways.


Where you can find this

However, all these effects occur only when erotic massage is approached as a method to achieve self-knowledge.

You must know not many salons provide such services!

Tao erotic massage in Bucharest is one of the few. If you are interested in being more efficient in your own process of self actualization, make a reservation. Also, if you aspire to improve your love relationship, bring your partner along for a couple massage. You will be very delighted and satisfied to know each other better by discovering yourselves and growing together.