Intimacy conquers all, even in sensual massage

We are use to think that we could have had a better time, a better relationship, a better sensual massage, a better lovemaking, a better orgasm and so on… While it might not always be he case, it is true that sometimes things can improve. And very often, the problematic ingredient in our receipt of perfection is the level of intimacy.
The essence of intimacy is a state of being present with each other. Whenever your attention will be drifting away, the other one will have the feeling you are not present, you are not there for him.
Nevertheless, you should be aware that intimacy is not something to be obtained instantly. You should search for it, aim for it, in the same way you search for balance and harmony. But where to look for it?
Either you make love or wish to spend a quality time together or just want to enjoy a sensual massage session, intimacy is highly required. But how to create it when it does not exist? How to get it when it’s missing? And how to increase it when it is hardly surfacing?
Let’s take for example a sensual massage. And here are some tips that might be of  great help in your moments of need.
1. If you want intimacy to pop up, first of all you have to set up a proper atmosphere. Get rid of all possible disturbing factors – phones, alarms, pets,  small kids and so forth. Make it comfortable and pleasant, even homy if needed. A sensual massage, be it taoist or tantric massage, deserves the right space for it.
2. Try to make the moments before and after the actual sensual massage intimate as well. Most people need a building up time, before reaching intimacy. Therefore, take your time, relax and do not push up the things. Also, most people need to keep a minimum contact afterwards, in order not to close up their hearts. Therefore continue to share your thoughts and feelings even days after the massage is over.
3. Reconnect. Each time you feel the other one is drifting off, stop the massage for a while and try to reconnect. The moment you feel the other one is again present, resume your sensual massage.
4. Be creative! In order to get space for deeper feelings, the mind should be given something to work about. And here is where creativity and imagination plays a great part. Therefore, let your ideas go wild and let your inspiration go fantastic.
5. As often as you can, make eye contact. It is one of the fastest way to feel intimate. It can be a deeply vulnerable experience as well. Nevertheless, eye contact combined with sensuous touching is one of the golden path to deepest intimacy.
6. Let your fears and worries be gone. Once you decided you want to open your heart towards someone, follow your decision without a flaw. Each wavering and doubt would be a step back and the sensual massage will be at loss.
7. Do not try to force intimacy every time. Each moment and each sensual massage comes in different flavours. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, intimacy is just not showing up. And this should be all right. As nobody is there to give you a prize for having it. Enjoy when it comes, but do not try to hard if it doesn’t.