Misdirected sexual energy can lead to bad decisions that lead to loss of life. This is why massage strives to create perfect balance between all the various energy levels in the body. Massage ensures that energy is well spread within the body. Where there is too much tension on the muscles, massage strives to reduce this. Massage promotes transmutation, which simply means proper use of sexual energy. Massage enables the rest of the body to achieve great results without relying on either drugs or alcohol. Many people opt to rely on drugs and alcohol because they are looking for what they consider a good way of directing sexual energy.

Massage transforms the energy levels in the body. For example, when the muscles experience excessive tension, massage would be required to change this situation. Tense muscles can indicate feelings of anxiety. Therefore, by massaging the tense muscles to make them more relaxed, the masseur would also be treating the anxiety. The body can indicate that it is full of tense muscles when a person balls his fists, clenches his jaw, or discovers that the muscles all over his body keep flexing. Tense muscles need quick remedies. Massage is one of the best remedies for tense muscles to ensure that the body achieves perfect energy transformation.



Muscle spasms have a negative effect on energy transformation in the body. Muscle spasms can be very painful, thus making the body to lose a lot of the energy needed for different tasks. Muscle spasms can also be the result of dehydration. Spasms can make it difficult for the patient to perform some of the most basic daily activities. Spasms can be difficult, painful and downright uncomfortable. If the spasms remain untreated, the body would soon experience a lot of jerking. Strong spasms make the body to move with excessive force. Therefore, to ensure the body does not lose energy trying to take care of the spasms, go for massage.

Lack of perfect energy levels within the body can lead to problems with the motions around the joints. The joints would not be able to move properly if the body experiences improper energy levels. Massage solves this problem by ensuring that the body experiences energy alchemy. The fact that massage increases flexibility in different parts of the body, especially around the joints, also contributes positively in improving energy levels. Energy transformation takes place all over the body, as massage enables circulation to improve. Massage eradicates all the factors that might be interfering with blood circulation.

It is possible for people to complain of inadequate energy levels if they are unable to breathe properly. Therefore, in such an instance, it would be advisable to go for massage. Stress and anxiety interfere with energy levels in the body. As massage eradicates stress and anxiety, the body sees a huge increase in energy transformation. A relaxed body is an energetic body. Massage enhances relaxation thus making the body more energetic. Massage boosts immune system, which ensures that there is no loss of energy. Dysfunctional or weak immune system interferes with energy alchemy.