The Sanskrit word “Tantra”, which means “woven material, net” can be translated as “web of life”.
Tantra is referred to as a path to ecstasy, a spiritual way based on the mystical experience of playfulness rather than rigid dogmas, as some might erroneously believe it to be. Tantra teachers support life as a whole and learn to discover the divine spark inside the human being. They use all senses, as well as their mind and spirit to reach top mystical experiences. In Tantra the erotic act becomes sacred, being considered a genuine cult or worship; it is a gift of life. The Tantric arts are a praise to the erotic act. One such art is the erotic massage.

Tantra is not only about sexuality. Tantra is the liason between sexuality and spirituality.
In order to understand it and then wisely practice it, open-mindedness, intelligence and courage are required.