Tao philosophy is defined by the wisdom and the practical experience of thousands of years. The fundamental principle of Tao is that sexual energy is actually the source of life. Old Taoist texts recommend frequent stopping moments during the sexual contact in order to extend the lovemaking time so that both man and woman can enjoy the controlled orgasm.
Men have to be perfect in the art of delaying the ejaculation until they will be able to no longer have this need.
Taoists teach us that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things. Only habit and ignorance make us believe that ejaculation is the ultimate goal of pleasure. After ejaculating, men usually feel tired, sleepy, the eyes get heavy and a sensation of exhaustion installs itself. They experience only 2-3 seconds of pleasure after which come days of fatigue. If one completely controls his ejaculation impulse, the body will become stronger, the mind sharper and one will become more charismatic. This way the female partner may also experience profound states of orgasms as the lovemaking increases in length.
By suppressing ejaculation, the sexual intercourse becomes more than an experience of flesh but a symphony of energies, a dance of the souls, a game of polarities. In this never-ending experience, the couple is not only limited to one orgasm but can enjoy series of multiple orgasms. This is a pleasure that brings a deep peace, a sensual fusion, a euphoria free of time and space limitations, a true communion and oneness.
Once man controls his ejaculation, he will experience many advantages: saving vital energy, the ability to completely satisfy his partner and assimilation of her yin essence. She will also assimilate his yang essence, both being able to reach very intimate states that are not experienced by ordinary couples.
This way Tao philosophy proves that there are only advantages in refraining oneself. Massage is a good start in this mysterious journey.