Tantric massage – working with beauty and harmony for relief and therapy

The tantric massage is one of the massages in which    beauty and harmony occur the most. Its combination of different types of massages gives more space for different aims. Also gives space for different techniques and beauty will have its own place there.

Although the purpose for relief and therapeutically effect are not the biggest in a tantric massage. If I compare it to the relaxation massage or the somatic massage, for example, these effects also occur.


They are among a lot of beneficial effects which makes the tantric massage UNIQUE. I say unique by referring to a unique modality of bringing joy, health and welfare in the human being.


The tantric massage is also a therapeutically massage

The tantric massage contains many modalities through which it offers relief, welfare, increased level of happiness. The relaxing of the muscles with the aid of specific maneuvers is followed by more gentle and soft touches in the body-to-body massage. So the beneficial effects come on diverse paths and contains diverse components.

Relaxing massage versus tantric massage

The relief of the tensions in the muscles is made in accord with specific techniques for relaxing each part of the body. But as a difference with the relaxing massage, this kind of massage is made with softer moves and touches and less rapid moves. So the tantric massage is less strong and less rapid in its relaxing parts then the relaxing massage itself.

Therapeutical effects of tantric massage

The therapeutically effects come also by pressing certain points well-known in the acupuncture. Working on specific points like that also helps to relieve the tensions in the body.


One difference is that these points are not necessarily at the level of the muscles. But tensions don’t always gather in the muscles, but in specific points from the human physical structure which tend to accumulate these tensions and stresses.

Pressing these points according to far-eastern knowledge helps regaining the welfare and harmony in the human body.

The soft, gently and fully erotically moves and touches are  very important in the tantric massage. These maneuvres  makes the real difference between a tantric massage and a simple massage for relaxation. This is a specific of the tantric massage and a very pleasant one.

Conclusion about therapeutically effects of tantra massage

All the modalities for bringing relief and welfare in the body of the one receiving the tantric massage gives to this type of massage a certain value for harmonization and for real therapeutically effects.


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