Controlled pleasure in the tantric massage

The tantric massage offers a multitude of beneficial effects. They are received both by the person receiving the massage and the person offering it. Of course, the person being massaged is much more grateful and gifted by such an interaction. The beneficial effects can be found on multiple levels of the being. All the human structures, the physically, psychically, emotionally and mentally one can benefit from the tantra massage.


Beneficial effects and therapeutically effects in a tantric massage

The therapeutically effects one can meet in a tantric massage make this type of massage a very desirable one. The relaxation applied to the whole body makes the muscles and all the parts of the body feel the best way possible. The physically relaxation determines the psychically and emotionally relaxation. The complete relaxation of the body is an essential condition for a good tantra massage.

Pressing on the certain points known in the press-puncture theory using eastern knowledge in the field of oriental medicine increases the beneficial effects during the tantric massage. Now not only the physically structure of the body enjoy these extraordinary effects, but also the subtle structures as well. The state of joy is set up in every cell of the body.


Specific ways of tantric massage

The welfare continues with the specific of the tantra massage, the loving and careful caresses all over the body. Then comes the body-to-body massage which amplifies even more the state of joy, of happiness and extraordinary good feelings to the increased sensuality. These effects are specific to the tantric massage, and also the sensual techniques and modalities of amplifying the energies in the tantric erotic massage.

The pleasure in the tantric massage

The pleasure felt during this type of massage comes from different levels. It amplifies more and more till it becomes an unique experience, full of savor and delight. Pleasure can be met even in the relaxing of tensed muscles, maybe after a hard day at work. But pleasure may be even greater when the sweet energies of the one offering the massage awaken the energies of the one receiving it. Because sensuality is fully expressed in a tantric massage, the consequence is a great pleasure that comes up.


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