Tantra Massage – The doors of bliss

Tantra massage is an ode to delicacy, to contact, to the ecstatic experience of the body which thus finds its sacred character. A Tantra massage session performed at a Tantra massage salon takes place in a soft environment favorable to relaxation and to the inner journey. It is usually done on a mattress or on a massage table. The lights are soft, and it is not uncommon to see burning incense and candles to mark the spiritual, though very bodily, nature of this massage.

The characteristic of a Tantra massage is to be slow and gentle. Although there may be more sustained touch at certain times, its general characteristic is to touch both the physical body and the “energetic” body, which produces a corporal and psychic remodeling, beyond what is expected from a relaxing massage.

Very different from traditional massage, Tantra massage is performed on the naked body and it takes into account the entire body, including the genitals. But these are not seen as erogenous zones that must be avoided or excited, but as simple sensitive areas of the body that are massaged with the same sweetness as the belly or the head.

Tantra massage stimulates the sensitivity of the body

Although it is sensual, because it develops the qualities of natural sensuality of the body, Tantra massage is not erotic and even less sexual. There is no sexual relation, no stimulation of excitation and even less of masturbation. The touch does not seek to excite but to stimulate the sensitivity of the body so that the person receiving the Tantra massage can feel the thrill of his own body, the fullness of his being when he is touched.

There are no words to describe what happens during a Tantra massage session: the dance of hands, the delicacy of touch, and the extreme sensitivity that emanates from it. It results in a surrender of self, a deep letting go that allows to discover hidden aspects of ourselves. Men discover aspects of their sensuality that they may not have known before. And women reconnect with what they felt and knew intimately deep within themselves: “My body is a sacred temple.”

Well-being at different levels

Tantra massage considered as “wellness massage” can go well beyond the simple well-being and be a healing balm for the body and mind, because it comes to touch our deepest sensitivity by opening up the doors to unknown spaces.

The Tantra massage sessions will allow you to find an inner balance and free yourself from the emotions and tensions buried deep within you. Your emotions will be released and your sexual energy will be deeply invigorated. The fluid and sensual movements of Tantra massage will not only provide you with many physical benefits, but also help you get rid of some emotional blockages that prevent you from having a more fulfilling life.

The regular practice of Tantra massage provides lasting benefits both sexually and emotionally. Among these: a better circulation of energies, the development of the relation with oneself and the other, the elevation of the consciousness, a noticeable reduction of your anxieties and your inhibitions.