Tantra massage is a spiritual path of transformation that invites everyone to find peace in themselves. This inner peace is found by welcoming and accepting all parts of our being, bringing together and unifying all our fragmented parts. For this to be possible, it is first necessary to become aware of what drives us from within: our emotions, our mind, our instincts, our impulses, our wounds, our unconscious…

Another form of inner meditation

Tantra massage can be seen as an inner journey. It is an encounter with oneself, and not an encounter with the person giving the massage, who is there only to guide and accompany in this inner journey. Tantra massage is an opportunity to experience within oneself the marriage between feminine and masculine polarities, to merge yin and yang. The client is invited just to “be” and to feel. This is the essence of the female energy of Tantra: to surrender, to let go of all control, to be in pure receptivity, unconditional acceptance. Much more than a technique, Tantra massage is above all a quality of loving presence.

A transformation path

Tantra is a path of spiritual development, of self-realization. Tantra massage is a tool created for this purpose: to raise awareness that will provoke a transformation. It is therefore a much less innocent step than a “simple” massage of well-being, whose ambition is to spend a pleasant and relaxing time. Tantra massage is not a happy ending massage.

Of course, during a Tantra massage session you will feel a lot of physical pleasure. The hands of professional masseuses will caress your body all over and take you into a deep state of relaxation. But… In Tantra massage, there is no goal to reach, no finality or intention, just to welcome the sensations and the feelings, to accept to be crossed by them. The focus is less on the destination of the journey than on the journey itself and what has been experienced during it. The goal is the way itself. Take pleasure now. Eternity is here.

Rehabilitation of sexual energy              

Through massage, Tantra invites you to become fully embodied in your body and to find yourself there. Your body is a temple, take good care of it and remember that you are the deity who lives there.

It is the major contribution of Tantra to spirituality that we do not ignore sexuality. This is why Tantra massage is practiced on the whole body, so that the client becomes aware that all parts of his body are beautiful, sacred, worthy of love and attention. On the other hand, obscuring certain parts of the body would implicitly mean viewing these areas as “dirty” or shameful.

Tantra massage is not particularly aimed at provoking excitement or enjoyment. If sexual energy can be activated, it is not a goal in itself, but to spread it throughout the body to vivify and nourish the heart.

Paradoxically, when the sexual area is kindly touched and without sexual intent, a process of rehabilitation takes place, shame and guilt fade, allowing this part of the body to become sacred again.