Tantra massage is a global sensual massage that includes all parts of the body, including the genitals. However, this massage, by the stimulation of the erogenous zones, is not simply a search for a clitoral or an ejaculatory orgasm. On the contrary, the goal of the Tantra massage is to allow the sexual energy to spread through the whole body. To awaken the kundalini and make it rise through the different chakras.

A small explanation is needed?

Tantra massage is a practice of more global notions that derive from Tantra. To understand the goals of Tantra massage, is essential to go back to basics and talk about Tantra. Tantra is a kind of “sexual philosophy” that can fundamentally change the sexuality of those who are interested in it.

Tantra massage is one of the tools used to discover this “new” sexuality, more gently, more attentive to oneself, of his / her feelings and those of his / her partner.

It is said of Tantra massage that it is a sensual or erotic and even sexual massage. What is certain is that Tantra massage will appeal to your receptivity and your ability to abandon and let go during the whole massage. The Tantra massage is above all a wellness massage but with some peculiarities.

Tantra massage will allow you to learn more about your body and mind, to take full consciousness of your body and to control it. Tantra massage will make you discover new sensations, teach you to have better control and therefore better performances.

The environment in which Tantra massage is going to take place counts enormously

Tantra massage must bring a sense of confidence and pampering. At a professional Tantra massage salon you will find soft light, warm temperature, slow music favorable to relaxation, soft and sensual materials (with silk or satin sheets for example), professional therapists, all elements that allow the relaxation of the person who will receive the massage. Tantra massage is usually done with a vegetable oil to facilitate the journey of the hands on the body.

Deep relaxation, overcoming limits, control of the body

Professional masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage will let their hands wander all over your naked body and get you to a state of deep and profound relaxation. The masseuse will start the massage gently, giving time for the person receiving the massage to focus on their feelings. During a Tantra massage, the body is massaged in its entirety, including the genitals.

The genitals are the reservoir of our vital energy. Delicate touches will awaken the sexual energy and with the help of the masseuse that will guide you into this process you will be able to lift up this sexual energy and let it flow free into your body. Breathing is very important and the masseuse will teach how to breathe in order to circulate the pleasure into the whole body.

Through its global vision of the body and the energy that flows through it, Tantra massage is a solution if you are a person who lacks energy or who wants to open to a different form of sexuality.

To be more attentive to one’s body, to feel better one’s own emotions, but also those of one’s partner, to overcome certain blockages and limits that one sometimes imposes without reason (and sometimes even unconsciously), to use one’s own sexual energy to reach new levels of pleasure … these are some of the benefits you can derive from Tantra massage.