What is Tantra massage?

As the name suggests, Tantra massage is one of the rituals taught in the Tantras, esoteric sacred books that resulted in one of the forms of Hinduism. The term Tantra is a collection of dogmas, rituals, texts and practices around spirituality. Tantra considers that sexuality can lead to a form of ecstasy, both physical and spiritual. Sex is seen as a sacred thing, which can lead to a transcendent state. To achieve this, it is necessary to resort to practices of which Tantra massages are part. These practices of sacred sexuality guide individuals towards a powerful sensory experience, where the physical body mingles with the psychic to become one. Thus, with Tantra, the body is eroticized and becomes the support of orgasmic sensations. In the image of meditation, this form of sacred sexuality is seen as a profound personal experience, accessible to all through internal work.

Let’s define some words J

What does lingam and yoni mean?

The Sanskrit word for the male organ is Lingam and has the meaning of “Light Wand” or “Shaft of Light”. In Tantra, the Lingam is seen with respect and honor, a “Light Wand” that concentrates creative energy and pleasure. The Hindu god Shiva is represented by a phallus (erect male organ). Seen as a universal principle, Shiva is the supreme male archetype, the master of transcendent sexuality, the eternal light of Consciousness that shines in the depths of Creation.

Shakti is the universal principle of energy, power and creativity. This energy is considered to be the Universal Mother. In the highest causal sense, Shakti represents the Divine as the Mother’s appearance, and, from another point of view, she is the very Universe that springs from her Womb.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the entire female genital apparatus. Yoni is a sacred place. Every woman is a goddess because every Yoni is the custodian of the infinite mystery of existence. Yoni is the symbol of the universal womb, from which it rises, and in which then the whole creation disappears.

What does chakra mean?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates to a wheel or circle. Man communicates with the environment through his chakras. They provide a permanent exchange of subtle energies that are meant to mediate communication in any situation. From each chakra radiates a number of energy channels (“nadi”) known in the Yogic tradition as petals or energetic spirits.

The chakras or main energy centers are seven in number, they are arranged along the spine (from the head to the base of the spine).

Prana, the energy that nourishes and heals us

Known as universal energy, Prana is chi, the force of life that nourishes and animates us.  Prana is first mentioned in Upanishads, as belonging to the worldly, physical domain, supporting body and mind. Prana is the vital force of living beings. The first condition to receive as much as possible Prana and to feed on it is an open, confident and loving heart. The balance between giving and receiving love is the one that helps us in receiving this vital energy.