When problems arise in intimate life, many medical experts recommend a massage for sexual strength. Any massage technique improves blood circulation, normalizes the general well-being of men. Tantra massage helps to rebalance and harmonize the energy, relationship and spiritual plans, to connect sex-heart-head. Massage affects not only physically but also psychologically, which allows sexual desire to grow.

Get a professional Tantra massage

At a professional Tantra massage salon, this kind of massage is practiced under certain conditions – a comfortable atmosphere, beautiful masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage, oil, music and light that will comfort you and help you relax. The masseuse will adjust her movements at every moment to the reactions experienced by the client, who thus learns to relax more and listen to the reactions of each part of his body.

Tantra massage is a matter of sensitizing, awakening and liberating the intimate and sexual zone, connecting it to the whole body, to the whole being, in its richness and complexity. During the Tantra massage session the experienced hands of the masseuse will touch your naked body from the head to the feet, in a slow, meditative moving. Tantra massage allows emotional release, the release of intimate tensions.

Control of your sexual energy

For the man, this very attentive massage will harmonize the perception of the body, diffusing pleasure, consciousness and energy throughout the body. Tantra massage techniques allow the man to keep his erection, and also sometimes to feel pleasure or orgasms without erection, to learn to better control and channel his sexual energy. Tantra massage induces a circulation of energy in the body, the Kundalini. When the Kundalini is awake, it also awakens the sexual energy in the body. The Kundalini is different and distinct from the sexual energy, but the two are interconnected and intertwined. When the Kundalini is awake and out of hibernation, it also releases sexual energy into the body.

The masseuse will guide you through the process. She will teach you how to pay attention to breathing, a slow, controlled breath helps maintain erection. She will also guide you to visualize the movement of sexual energy through the body. Tantra massage can help you to understand and control the sexual energy, in order to be ferm and feel confident in yourself, in your sexual life, in your work life and in the relation with yourself.

This also implies that challenges such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be alleviated by Tantra massage. At the massage session there are no expectations or feelings of inferiority. The only thing you have to do is feel the moment. In other words, you have the opportunity to feel how you really are today, rather than having to perform or act in a way, and this experience is aligned to the deepest truth.

Tantra massage teaches you how to control and master your own sexual energy and also how to develop the joy of living, confidence, sensuality

Tantra massage is relaxing, healing, relieving after an effort, restores knots and tensions, relieves muscular and articular pain, releases clogging of energy, equilibrium energy, awakens the Kundalini and helps to control sexual energy and erections.