Tantra massage therapy is a revolutionary form that has been developed as an antidote to conventional problems that affect many people today. Beneficial aspects are numerous, it is especially recognized as a profound healing tool and renowned for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages. In general, sexual dysfunction is the result of a blockage. For men, dysfunction can range from impotence, premature ejaculation to loss of sexual desire.

Tantra Massage increases orgasmic potential

When the sexual energy of a person is strictly condensed in the genital area, the period of sexual intercourse and orgasms can be very short, one-dimensional and transient. Through the practice of Tantra Massage, this powerful energy, which is driven up into the body, provokes high and accessible ecstatic states. Orgasms can be extended to minutes and even hours, exploring waves of pleasure. Men can experience multiple orgasms, sexuality is high in tantric dimensions.

Massage of the Lingam

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and translates as a “light wand”. In Tantra philosophy, the lingam or penis is approached from a place of love and utmost respect. There is an extraordinary amount of sexual energy in a man’s penis. During massage of the lingam there is more and more pleasure that will become waves of multiple orgasms.

Relaxation is important. Set as comfortably as possible, the touches the masseuse makes on your body will translate you into a pleasant relaxing state. Experienced masseuse in the art of Tantra massage will help you control your breathing in order to feel the awakened sexual energy better. Controlled breathing will make you more empathetic and will increase your sexual intuition. The Lingam will be well lubricated, both on the penis and the testicles. The gliding of the experienced hands up and down, the perceptions of fingernails that easily scratch the testicles, the teasing movements and the touches that vary in intensity, pressure, speed, rhythm and methods, all add to pleasure. Everything up close to the climax.

When ejaculation occurs, in general, every man believes that what he has experienced is the most intense pleasure. The instinct to ejaculate ends the pleasure before it has reached the highest point. Ejaculation brings with it relaxation post orgasm and loss of erection, which cancels the chances of getting a second orgasm. The man does not know he is deprived of more intense, much stronger sensations. If ejaculation does not occur, the erection and sexual arousal are not lost, so the man can still experience an orgasm and yet another … This is how the male multiple orgasm appears.

Before the non-return point, the masseuse will slow down the movements and will remind you to breathe deeply and live the orgasmic sensations of waves that you encounter. The man can thus learn to enjoy orgasm, without ejaculation, to retain the semen and learn to transmit the orgasm from the genital organs to the whole body.

Tantra massage for men does not involve penetration, it offers a whole new experience, a state of peace and an inner awakening.