It is said that perfection is achieved when we have a healthy mind in a beautiful and healthy body, and that is why it is important to have a harmony between body and soul. This balance, this emotional stability, can be achieved through Tantra massage sessions, which help restore inner peace. The relaxation gained from the Tantra massage sessions is doubled by an emotional and spiritual release that helps the body stay in harmony with mind and spirit.

Although massage is a procedure that primarily aims at body relaxation, it essentially also acts at the spiritual level, because it helps relieve stress and negative thoughts.

A professional Tantra massage session has effects on the body by improving blood circulation and health, as well as emotionally, by achieving a spiritual balance.

What is Tantra massage?

Tantra is a path of spiritual development, of self-realization. Tantra massage is a tool created for this purpose. Its purpose is to raise awareness that will provoke a transformation.

The journey is more important, more than the destination. Tantra massage is a journey in the heart of oneself, is an encounter with oneself. In Tantra massage, there is no goal to reach, no finality, no intention. You just have to welcome the feelings and the emotions, to accept to feel the present moment through them.

Tantra massage is a way of balancing emotions, affective energies and a professional method that brings balance in our being, between the mind, body and spirit. During the Tantra massage session, sexual energies are awaked, emotions are unblocked, a feeling of security is perceived, abandonment occurs and energy flows freely through the body, blockages are slowly removed. The person receiving the Tantra massage just needs to relax and listen to everything that happens inside his body, live in the present moment.

Benefits to the body and mind

A Tantra massage session helps strengthen and restore your vitality in terms of:

-physical: manual maneuvers relieve muscle and joint pain;

-emotional: it gives you a feeling of well being and intense relaxation that can continue for several days after the treatment;

-energetic: the masseuse stimulates energetic points in the body.

Thus, by accompanying you according to your rhythm and your needs, Tantra massage stimulates your own capacity for healing, helps you to find an optimal well-being and thus improves your state of health.

The connection between the mind and the body is very strong and always requires a state of balance and harmony. Negative thoughts, stress and worries have harmful effects on the body’s integrity, and many of the health problems start from an emotional imbalance. In preventing and re-establishing a positive mood, Tantra massage is an essential and long-lasting aid.