Tantra Massage is also a massage for women, not just for man!

Tantra massage reconnects us to our sensations and circulates our sexual energies. Contrary to appearances, Tantra massage is not a sexual massage. With roots in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, this millennial practice reconnects us to all parts of our body, helps us to become aware of our feelings and circulates our sexual energies.

Tantra massage is a sensual massage (since it wakes up our senses and our desire) but not a sexual massage (nothing to do with masturbation). Thanks to Tantra massage, the blockages disappear and the sexuality is appeased.

Tantra massage is an ode to the ecstatic experience of the body which finds its sacredness

A Tantra massage session is performed in a soft environment conducive to relaxation, and the inner journey. The lights are soft, burning incense and candles mark this spiritual journey, although a very sensory one.

Tantra massage uses the sexual energy, the divine Eros, without sexual intercourse, to vibrate your body and your soul. The sexual energy becomes a positive energy that impacts all areas of life. The more it flows in you, the more you will feel more woman, more fulfilled, more alive. Tantra massage is a new level of experience, that gives you access to states of intense happiness, and is an experience where the spiritual marries with the carnal, where the body becomes a sacred temple.

Under the experienced hands of our trained therapists specialized in the art of Tantra massage, you will discover aspects unknown to yourself, you will open new doors in your sensual relationship to the other, but also and primarily with your deepest being. You will open up to new levels of experience and states of bliss unknown before.

Tantra massage is a dive in here and now moment

The first visible characteristic of a Tantra massage is slowness: the possibility of having (not all the time but very often) ultra-slow gestures, gestures where one almost feels that there is no movement. Presence and connection are the intimate keys of a Tantra massage:

-beeing present, for oneself and for the other, it is through this presence that one feels deeply touched, that one feels the inside of one’s being.

-the connection is what will open up new spaces both sensual, soft and subtle, when the heart vibrates at the touch of the fingertips slowly dancing on your skin.  Everything happens as if the fingers move themselves, very slowly, as if they listen to your body.

And when presence and connection are happening at the same time with slowness, then you discover that you are touched beyond the limits of your body. A Tantra massage has this peculiarity compared to the other massages that it addresses as much to the subtle bodies, and in particular to the energetic or etheric body, as to the physical body. By slowly touching your skin, your energy being is fed and so all parts of you are harmonized and integrated.