Too often, we project ourselves into the future, hoping, dreaming, that tomorrow will be better than the present day. Sometimes we look back, lamenting that the past is no more. And so we forget every day to live “here and now”. The future can only be built by living fully in consciousness, our daily life.

Tantra is one of the ways of centering, to enter into this reality of living, in full awareness, every moment of our existence

What is Tantra?

The term Tantra comes from an ancient spiritual school which considers that sexuality can lead to different forms of ecstasy. Sex is regarded as a sacred thing that can lead to transcendence. In tantric practices and rituals, Tantra massage plays an essential role. Through these practices a gradual awakening and refinement of tactile perceptions is achieved, from which later it is possible to perceive extraordinary sensations and an astonishing sensory experience in which the body becomes one with sensory and psychic feelings and the orgasms are lived as a cosmic experience.

Tantra massage

Tantra massage awakens the senses, offering new and unexplored sensations and awakens unprecedented feelings. It is a sensual and passionate exchange of energy between the giver and the receiver. It is usually practiced naked, using massage oil. Techniques and movements can be very varied, much more important is the intention of the person who performs the massage, the quality and strength of the masseuse’s energy and the erotic intensity of the gestures. It stimulates the whole body of the other in different ways, through slow and subtle gestures.

Tantra massage is the miracle revealed by touch

Tantra massage needs to be approached in a relaxed state, an atmosphere of confidence and affection. In the carousel of everyday life, our attention is distracted by what we see, hear and touch. The reality that surrounds us keeps us away from our souls, forcing us to invest all the vital forces in the outer world. Thus, our meridians or energy channels are blocked, and what we perceive from their manifestations are tensions and pains. The human body needs a full reset periodically so that each of us should periodically relax. Tantra massage unleashes the unexpected internal forces stagnating in different areas (back, neck, buttocks, thighs, etc.).

Tantra and massage are inseparable concepts because one of the essential aspects of success on the path of Tantra is the awakening and amplification of the sensuality of all parts of the body. Tantra massage can cause a whole ocean of exciting sensations and pleasures that lead to complete relaxation, harmony and total and extraordinary experiences. In the case of Tantra massage there is a network of thin wires, a fabric of sensations and feelings that can connect the two beings in a polarized ensemble.

Tantra massage takes you in the “here and now” moment

Tantra massage touches the finest strings of the human body, relaxing and even healing it. Massage will relieve chronic stress and accumulated physical fatigue, nervous overload and negative external influences. In the massage process you can forget about everyday anxiety and problems you face. Regular practices of Tantra massage relaxation techniques harmonize love life in general, enhancing women’s sensuality and masculine power.