Tantra massage is not just a simple massage. Tantra massage is a massage based on the belief that a healthy sex life has many benefits for the body as much as for the spirit. The Hindus, the first to promote this philosophy, even supported the idea of ​​fulfillment and harmony by cultivating and educating physical pleasure. However, it should be emphasized that the massage itself is not intended to lead to orgasm but to establish a degree of intimacy between the two partners by physically approaching and also relaxing the body by preparing it for the moment at maximum intensity.

In a Tantra salon massage professional therapists will teach you how to rediscover the amazing richness and savour of your senses, the eroticism and sensuality that open the body and mind and fulfill the soul.

Tantra massage works with the sexual energy

The primary benefit of a massage is to reduce stress level and then increase the sensitivity of all body parts. Tantra massage is a form of massage that incorporates the use of sexual energy. When it goes through a particular alchemical process, sexual energy can transform from a raw, crude-like substance that only serves our carnal and animalistic desires to a more refined and defined force with spiritual and healing qualities.

A gentle, soft and sensous touch can open the gate to eternity. Through a comforting touch we can have the vision of etenity, of heaven. Tantra leads us to the fusion of YIN-YANG, the two cosmic energies – masculine energy and feminine energy – combining and blending harmoniously into one force.

Tantra massage is therefore a way to connect the two YIN-YANG halves of our being through touch and caressing. A Tantra massage done by a professional therapist will focus on both relaxation (YIN energy) and stimulation / energizing (YANG energy). Tantra massage includes firm massage techniques and soft and sensual movements. Firmness and depth of the massage are necessary so that a complete relaxation of the body and the blood flowing occurs.

Tantra massage is addressed to the whole body, not only erogenous zones and sexual organs. The purpose of a Tantra massage session is to open all channels, meridians, energy centers, so that the blood (energy) can flow freely, without any blockage, through the body. And by massaging the sexual organs they can free and cure wounds and old emotional trauma.

When a person’s sexual energy is strictly condensed to the area of the genitals, sexual encounters and climaxes can be very short, one-dimensional and fleeting in nature.
Through the practice of Tantra massage this potent energy is dispersed upwards in a human being and it becomes more refined and powerful. The higher this energy goes the more accessible high ecstatic states become.

Pleasure comes in many forms during a Tantra massage. You will have pleasure from your muscles relaxing, pleasure from the spiritual balance it brings and pleasure from your sexual energy being replenished and fulfilled.
Tantra massage is a touch that gives you shivers of pleasure and gives your soul and body erotic bliss.