You know what massage is all about: another person works your muscles with just the right amount of pressure to relieve pain and reduce stress. Tantra massage it’s quite a different experience and involves healing, nudity, your private parts, increased pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Having positive sexual energy in your life is really good for you and everyone around you. Knowing the erogenous zones and working with them, triggered properly, is much easier to awaken a person’s sexual energy and have erotic stimulation and bliss.

Let’s find out what are the most exciting spots, the erogenous zones, according to your astrological sign!

Aries – the head, face and hair

Aries react with increased pleasure to comfort on their forehead, playing with their hair (while touching them slightly on the scalp) or to a delicate head massage.

Taurus the neck

The sensitive area of ​​Taurus is, without a doubt, the neck. If you want to excite the Taurus, start with light touches from the back to the neck, with a short stop at the base of the skull.

Gemini the arms and the hands, the shoulders

The parts with the greatest eroticism for the Gemini are palms and hands. Playing with their fingers (a barely felt touch) or massaging their shoulders will make their body shiver.

Cancer the breast and the stomach

Both the woman and the male Cancer excite intensely when playing with their nipples, caressing their chest.

Leo the back

The back is an extremely erotic-sensitive area for a Leo: massage their back, try few long strokes down their back with your nails, touch their spine and pay extra attention to their thighs.

Virgo the abs

The whole magical area for a Virgo starts from the pubic bone to the top of the

Libra the lower back and the buttocks

Put your hands on their buttocks and accentuate your touches with circular movements from the base of the spine to their shoulders. Push moderately to their skin and always turn to their lovely buttocks. This will awaken the sexual energy in a Libra very quickly.

Scorpio the genitals

Scorpio shows an increased sensitivity of the genitalia. A simple touch in this area will transform the native of Scorpio into a volcano.

Sagittarius the hips and the thighs

The hips are special for the Sagittarius native, and touches from the knee to the hips and their thighs will arouse their passion.

Capricorn the knees

The Capricorn becomes extremely excited when is touched behind the knee.

Aquarius the legs and the ankles

The erogenous zones of the Aquarius are undoubtedly the legs and ankles. To turn them on you can caress their ankles and massage the lower part of the legs along with the calves.

Pisces the feet and the toes

For the Pisces, the foot is the most sensitive and erotic point of their body. Pisces are very receptive to easy touching of the foot base, or the knees, or their toes. Start with circular movements from the ankle to the upper leg.