Tantra massage therapy is a revolutionary form of bodywork that has been developed as an antidote to the conventional problems that plague many people today. The beneficial aspects are numerous, but it is especially recognized as a deep healing instrument and renowned for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages.

Tantra massage – a bodily experience

Today’s Tantra massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a complete bodily experience. A traditional massage is enhanced by the incorporation of breathing exercises and genital stimulation.

It is a way of awakening one’s whole being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual.

Blockages that can appear

Every human being has blockages whose root cause may vary from person to person. Some assume that blockages stem from some degree of trauma or an extremely stressful past experience, and while this may be a source, it is probably not the only one. Blockages can also come from daily and routine habits.

The more we repeat a certain pattern or behavior, the more we create a kind of “seed” that can grow in our physical and energetic structures. If the seed is of a negative or harmful nature, we may begin to experience various problems such as health problems, emotional instability, depression, anxiety, mental confusion, life dissatisfaction, sexual dysfunction and even more.

Tantra massage and spirituality

Today, spirituality is present in all areas and is an integral part of everyday life. Thus, it is quite possible to reconcile spirituality with Tantra massage. Tantra is defined as the science of the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of the spirit.

The Tantra massage is primarily a form of meditation that applies throughout the body. The ultimate goal is to stimulate self-knowledge. It truly serves to awaken vital energy, act in your emotional realm, and help you connect with your own pleasure. Thus, you can easily awaken the various senses and especially awaken new sensations unexplored in the past in a person.

The Tantra massage has a unique effect and is comparable to any other form of massage therapy. It comes from the tradition of Tantra, a complete and spiritual system that is defined by science and the laws of energy.

Tantra massage is a sophisticated form of massage that incorporates the use of energy, that of the therapist who administers the massage as well as a specific type of powerful energy that is innate in all of us, our sexual energy.

A powerful and effective way of transformation

Tantra massage therapy is a powerful and effective way that can transform sexual energy. During the session of Tantra massage, sexual energy is sublimated and the vital energy flows, purify and release the blockages. Kundalini is elevated to the upper zones of the body, transforming a person from the inside to the outside.

Recognized for its long list of benefits and notable effects, the results of Tantra massage are not only profound, but lasting and leave an impression of lasting and permanent change.