Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with yourself and achieve perfect harmony between mind, body and heart.

For most people, Tantra massage is seen as an erotic practice whose purpose is to access sexual pleasure, but Tantra massage is first of all a form of spiritual and therapeutic approach that invites you to re-tame your body and sensuality.

In Western societies Tantra massage became almost exclusively associated with sex. From spiritual to erotic, Tantra massage offers a therapeutic path that allows you to develop self-esteem, overcome some complex or repair trauma of the past.

Sacred sexuality

In Tantra, nothing is taboo, it can be about the intimate parts of the body or the repressed desires. More than just stimulating sexual energy, Tantra massage invites us to reconnect with ourselves and achieve the perfect harmony between mind, body and heart. If you are in a couple, Tantra massage can serve as an exploration of a new form of sexuality, at the individual level, Tantra massage is a spiritual motivation, a process of pacification to re-tame your body and sensuality.

Tantra massage advocates the awakening of consciousness and access to wholeness. Working on the seven chakras, one of its principles is to circulate the sexual energy, the Kundalini, all over the body so as to experience perfect ecstasy. By connecting to the sexual energy, Tantra massage allows the person being massaged to reclaim these areas often overlooked and to rehabilitate them, so as to find a relationship with the body and sexuality that is healthy, natural and joyful.

Sensual but not erotic

In Tantra massage there is no intimate or sexual intercourse. Tantra massage does not focus on the search for erotic pleasure but is an exploration of the body and senses. The experience can change, especially by resurfacing unexpected complexes or memories hidden from the past. If letting foreign hands wander over your body can be difficult to cope with, the practice finally allows you to reconnect with yourself. Like a session of meditation or relaxation, this privileged moment awakens energies, also sexual energy, and allows to overcome certain blockages, complexes or other reserves.

Release self-esteem and sexual confidence

By going beyond shame and guilt, Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with love and unconditional acceptance of oneself and one’s own body. Tantra massage invites the body to relax its tensions, to surrender itself gently and in a benevolent way, and to deliver what it has to say. It can then serve as a powerful healing energy by facilitating the release of what was stuck in us.

There can be no fully fulfilling sexuality if one does not surrender completely.

Accept your body, explore all its depth, allow yourself to be watched, for many, the approach is far from easy. As much as self-esteem, Tantra massage helps to release sexual confidence and feel sensations until then unknown.

Tantra massage helps us to move over painful experiences related to intimate and emotional life and allows us to feel good and see life from a positive perspective. Tantra massage teaches us to live life in a sacred way.