Sexuality and Tantra

The place of sexuality in Tantra is generally misunderstood and, in the minds of many people, is most often oversized. This repels some who imagine Tantra as a sulfurous practice hidden behind an erotic-spiritual mask. It attracts others, unfortunately not always for good reasons.

Tantra is a path of knowledge and self-realization that offers us ways to achieve inner peace through knowledge and self-acceptance through experimentation, daring to feel what passes through us.

Tantra is a practice where the notion of duality does not exist. In Tantra, it is said that everything is the result of the union between a female creative principle, the goddess Shakti, and a male fertilizing principle, the god Shiva. This means that the opposites unite, merge, masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang, spirit and matter, to form a whole and allow to reach the sacred ecstasy.

Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with yourself and achieve perfect harmony between mind, body and heart

The practice of Tantra massage brings well-being at different levels, as much as regards the spiritual and psychic aspects as for the sexual, physical and relational aspects.

How is a Tantra massage session held?

A Tantra massage session is singular, personal and unique. Unlike other massage techniques, there are no established standards. At the same time sensual, enveloping and energizing, the Tantra massage session consists of great movements of union between all the parts of the body and the touch on the 7 chakras (points of energy). The movements of massage, the light pressure and especially the friction are soft and slow, so much so that it is difficult to follow them mentally. The hands of the therapist slide from head to toe, the idea is to introduce a tremor in the body, a vibration that makes any thought difficult.

Abandon yourself and let yourself be overwhelmed by your feelings

The sexual organs area is not excluded from the massage: the hands touch it regularly and slightly, but without masturbation.

Throughout the Tantra massage, breathing is essential: deep, performed by the diaphragm, aims to relax the body, unlock the emotions to allow access to the beneficial sensations of touch.

Meditation and breathing are used in order to allow you to get rid of the daily stress and prepare you to enjoy with more serenity the rest of the Tantra massage session.

Slowly and gently you will be massaged, caressed, every inch of your skin will be explored…

The benefits of Tantra massage

Particularly sensual, Tantra massage has for primary objective the awakening of the consciousness of the body, beyond the control of the mind, far from the automatic gestures and behaviors of the everyday life.

In the Tantra tradition, the movements realized during the Tantra massage session awaken inspiration in women and the forces of life in men. Tantra massage can be performed without a purely sexual act and it is perfect for men and women who need to circulate their sexual energy, to eroticize their relationship.

Tantra massage is an experience both sensual and spiritual!