Tantra is practiced since thousands of years ago and is a philosophy that considers creation to be an act of love. The purpose of Tantra is to feel through the physical body the divine energy in order to transform oneself.

Today, Tantra massage is perceived as something sensual, even erotic, but it still retains this search for circulation of energy, the divine energy in us.

Tantra massage as pleasure

Tantra massage means deep relaxation

Tantra massage always starts with relaxation. Tantra massage is very intuitive. It is a “touch” with directions and intentions. Tantra massage is a rather open, unrestricted massage, practiced naked, intended to feel relaxation, comfort, and to circulate the energy, to open the chakras. The hands of professional masseuse will gently move all over your body in order to get you relaxed.

Rediscover your body

Tantra massage is a wonderful trip where you can explore well being, the feeling of letting go, deep relaxation of the body and mental. It is above all a moment for oneself, where one takes the time to savor every second, rediscover every centimeter of one’s body and the multitude of sensation that a touch, tenderness and love can bring.

During a Tantra massage, the emotions felt are personal and differ, depending on the moment, the person.

What comes out essentially is a state of well-being where one abandons oneself, the mind has sensations of pleasure, pleasure thrills by the contact of a caress in the neck , the scalp or the back, pleasure from sweet, soft touches which surround the body with tenderness and love, sensual pleasure at the delicate touch of the erogenous zones. Tantrism welcomes sexuality in its overall approach to the human being, and through massage, for example, its energy is explored and accepted, it is sacred and is a source of creativity and spontaneity.

Especially for women Tantra massage is a plus. Sometimes women block their own pleasure in their desire to please their partner during sex. So to be able to enjoy a Tantra massage, to simply lie back and receive can be hugely healing and empowering. Many women increase their pleasure capacity by receiving a Tantra massage.

Tantra massage is a magical journey full of pleasure where time is suspended.

Tantra massage as therapy

A healing energy

Tantra massage is a way of teaching the body how to use the sexual energy as a healing energy. During the session of Tantra massage the sexual energy activates specific points of healing and release. A professional masseuse well trained in the art of Tantra massage will sense the blockages that appear and will apply methods for alleviating them in a harmonious way, leaving the client with a sense of relief.

A cure for sexual dysfunctions

Tantra massage helps in curing sexual dysfunctions. Repeatedly Tantra massage sessions can help in purifing the body, releasing blockages and dispersing the vital energy throughout the body, in this way awakening the sexual energy. Sexual dysfunctions can be cured and the sex live is dramatically transformed.

Tantra massage and the multiorgasmic state

Tantra massage can offer a true perspective of one’s full orgasmic potential. The peak of a sexual experience is not just a brief and transitory moment of pleasure, contrary to popular belief, but rather an extended state of bliss, true happiness that lasts for several minutes or even hours. Tantra massage disperses the sexual energy throughout the entire body, making it possible to experience a whole body multiorgasmic state.

Tantric massage focuses on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. You finally find this feeling of unity and harmony with your body. Let the softness and warmth wrap you. Book a Tantra massage session today! Relieve the stress of everyday life, find well-being and pleasure!