The importance of conscious touch

When we experience touch, a touch full of affection, compassion, a conscious touch, our bodies produce the hormone of love: oxytocin. This hormone has many beneficial physiological effects on our body: it reduces blood pressure, reduces hormone production that creates stress, reduces anxiety, slows down the process of a disease, and, above all, strengthens the immune system.

We have all forgotten, unfortunately, that the simple act of touching, not necessarily in a romantic, intimate form, is so powerful that it can adjust our heart rate, diminish blood pressure and strengthen the immune system! It is time to remember the healing power of conscious touch.

Tantra massage – the conscious touch

Massage is one of the 64 arts of Kama Sutra. If the words can be deceptive and can easily distort the truth, touching is a perfect mirror of what we are. The comforting hand awakens the reactions of the being to which it is approaching in a space of absolute sincerity, it feels abandonment, pleasure or fear and anxiety, the emotion of self-seeking, or loneliness and suffering.

The word “Tantra” means expansion and evolution of consciousness.

The one who makes the touch in Tantra massage feels both the body and the soul of the person that receives the Tantra massage, and allows the carousel of thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensations generated by the massage to be manifested in a state of perfect channel of manifestation of divine grace.

Healing and Tantra principles

Tantra massage facilitates the process of healing and transformation by reaching The Tantra principles:

– the polarity between energy and consciousness;

– reflecting everything in every thing, being and phenomenon;

– the perfect channel attitude through which divine grace manifests itself in all its splendor;

– honoring sexual energy through love and transfiguration;

– the inner alchemy of energies and the regaining of the divine essence, by removing the illusions of the illusion;

– awareness of the presence of the divine in everything that exists;

– sexual energy as a trampoline to spiritual perfection.

Effects of Tantra massage

Tantra massage is focused on eliminating energy blockages, especially those of a sexual nature, and has the following effects:

– the full acceptance of our body and the sensations it experiences, as well as the unification between mind and body;

– familiarity with the various manifestations of energy in the body;

– transcending limitations and mental patterns, slowing the flow of thoughts, access to the state of meditation;

– the awakening of the unspeakable affective aspects and, above all, of the unconditional love;

– amplifying love in the couple and re-emerging the spark of erotic attraction;

– healing of sexual traumas, inhibitions and prejudices;

– the awakening of the spiritual aspiration;

– opening up to experimenting with states of happiness and ecstasy;

– changing the perspective on what is actually pleasure;

– sexual fulfillment outside sexual intercourse;

– experimenting the states of orgasm of the whole body and energetic orgasm without touching.

Tantra massage involves a combination of loving touches that heal and nourish both the body and the senses, at the same time, awakening the energy of life.