The art of Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years. Today’s Tantra massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a complete bodily experience. A traditional massage is enhanced by the incorporation of breathing exercises and genital stimulation. It is a way of awakening one’s whole being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual.

Tantra massage can be used as a healing instrument and is well known for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages.

Every human being has blockages whose root cause may vary from person to person. Some assume that blockages stem from some degree of trauma or an extremely stressful past experience, and while this may be a source, it is probably not the only one. Blockages can also come from daily and routine habits.

Tantra is connection, presence and consciousness related to one’s self and to another

Tantra philosophy considers that sexuality can lead to a form of ecstasy, both physical and spiritual. Sex is seen as a sacred thing, which can lead to a transcendent state called “awakening” or “deliverance”. To achieve this, it is necessary to resort to practices and sexual rites, of which Tantra massages are part. During a Tantra massage the physical body mixes with the psychic to become one. Thus the body is eroticized and becomes the support of orgasmic sensations. In the image of meditation, this form of sacred sexuality is a profound personal experience, accessible to all through internal work.

There are many ways to integrate the principles of Tantra and Tantra massage into one’s sexuality. Tantra uses meditation and breathing as necessary elements for awakening. Tantra does not consider orgasm as an end in itself. In this way of thinking, the path that leads to it, and therefore the pleasure that you can offer and receive from your partner, is much more important than the orgasm itself.

What is a Tantra massage?

Tantra massage can awaken the senses and awaken new or unexplored sensations. Tantra massage is a sensual and passionate exchange between the two partners, which is practiced in an intimate setting. It is practiced naked, using massage oil. The idea is to stimulate the body of your partner in different ways, by slow and subtle gestures.

In a Tantra massage salon, professional therapists specialized in the art of Tantra will slowly caress all your body, touch with gentle movements and stimulate your sexual organs in order to awaken the sexual energy and from there to channel it all over the body. Qualified masseuses will teach you how to breathe and how to be in control of the sexual energy.

The benefits of Tantra massage

Tantra massage, in a couple, can be practiced before sexual intercourse, like foreplay. Tantra massage makes it possible to put the partners in a very sensual erotic climate. Tantra massage allows to explore the body of the other and thus better tame. A Tantra massage allows the abandonment of oneself. In the long term, Tantra massage is an essential step toward the tantric orgasm, which one can have without necessarily stimulating the sexual areas. This orgasm is perceived as a powerful exchange between the two partners, a kind of fusion that leads to total ecstasy.