The tantra massage is a tempting call for pleasure, lust, desire and special delights. Its worldwide fame comes exactly from these peculiarities. It is a very special form of massage among all the forms and types of massages and not in a few occasions it is the most wanted and most requested.

The specificities and even the advantages of the tantra massage when comparing it to other types of massages are due to the accent put on the sensuality along with the normal aim for relaxation and welfare – which, these last two, every massage is willing to offer. More than other massages, the tantra one goes beyond the relaxation, the welfare and the work upon the muscles of the body to offer pleasures in an unique way: those derived from the interest put on the sensual aspect of the being, on the energies in the whole human structure, including here the erotic energies, also.

These peculiarities define the tantra massage together with the erotic massage. They both share this preoccupation for sensuality, for awakening the best energies in the human being (and not forgetting the sexual ones) and for offering special pleasures without having to deal with sex, in fact (talking here about the genuine forms of these massages).

The pleasure offered in the tantra and erotic massage       

Special, erotically and refined pleasures can be the main aspects or results that differentiate the tantra and erotic massage from other types of massage. Working and putting the biggest accent on the energies of the body, on working with them as deep as possible will lead normally to various states of pleasure. The guests become more and more aware of the energies passing through their bodies, new and fresh energies are awaken in their inner structures and they feel renewed and in better state. All these lead to pleasure. Much of it, with an erotic tinge, as the erotically energies are the most awakening during this type of massage.

The pleasure obtained during the erotic or tantra massage comes from the soft and pleasant touches, touches filled with sensuality. Everything is at its best here, the world of order is „refined”, along with „controlled”. Together, these two draw a delightful and luscious image of what welfare in a massage can be. The long, soft and necessarily slow moves and touches which with the masseuse enchants her guest are like in a prelude. A prelude to joy, happiness and art of caresses.

Pleasure in the tantra massage is always controlled

Even if we consider the pleasure as a word of order in a tantra massage and a must-do during its session, we clearly understand that the pleasure is not the ruler here and that it never should awe or overcome the guests’ estates. The pleasure will never gain a predominant role in front of the control, as it is the control that makes all this beautiful process continue and fulfill its purpose: to offer an unique experience in which the controlled pleasure leads to ecstatic estates and the energies are always preserved in the guest’s being and never lost through ejaculation. The eventually loss of the energy would lead to fatigue, sorrow, stop of the pleasant process and a sensation of regret. Instead, the preserving the erotically energy and conducting it to upper levels of the being will nourish the necessarily ingredients for this delicious process (of the massage) to happen.